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Bad Haven is a fast growing Nerd site based in Ireland with a staff of global writers. We pride ourselves on strong, unique and interesting articles and getting our own opinions out there in the funnest way possible.

The site currently has openings for writers covering a diverse range of topics and as long as it’s nerd related, we want to hear your views and your honest opinions. We are passionate about all things comic book, sci-fi, superhero, horror, fantasy, cosplay, toys, art, cult and niche.

If you think you have what it takes to write for Bad Haven we’d love to hear from you.

Here are 5 top reasons to become a BadHaven writer:

1) Write What You Love -

BadHaven.com offers writers the opportunity to write about topics that interest them within the parameters of nerdom. We’re a website for people who enjoy nerd culture with that added edge, by writers who enjoy delivering acerbic, fun, well researched content that they personally are interested in.

Which means so long as it meets the criteria of being nerdy, unique and entertaining you can air your views and get your opinions out there to a massive global audience.

2) Stand Out From The Herd -

BadHaven wants unique writers with real personality. We want to see you stand out beyond the generic stuff on other sites by bringing your own style that allows you to be yourself under the BadHaven banner.

3) Huge Audience Exposure - 

BadHaven has a global audience that views our site 100,000 times a month with over 1/3 of a million plus page views. We’re continuing to grow, as more and more writers come on board, which means with time we’re only going to get bigger and your articles audience will continue to expand.

Our articles have met with praise from renowned creators like Mark Millar (Kick-Ass), Gail Simone (Batgirl) Edward Neumeier (Robocop), Kim Newman (Anno Dracula) and more, and we pride ourselves on our ability to get our writers out there with twitter links and profiles that let people know exactly who they are.


4) Cool Opportunities -

If you want to write what you love or even put BadHaven on your CV as a major website you’ve worked for, there are opportunities for both, with some of our writers already writing for some of the biggest names in sci-fi and other top publications (Starburst Magazine, BBC Website).

You’ll also get the opportunity to attend exclusive press events, movie premieres, review advance copies of books, games or DVD’s and in some cases get the chance to interview celebrities for their latest project. All of which, is pretty cool.

We also pay a small fee for specifically marketable articles, something the majority of our competitors in the US and UK don’t do. But we believe its ethical to reward our writers, even if it’s only a small amount, for a job well done.


5) Writing Appraisals And Personal Development -

We have experienced editors who will help eager beaver writers to improve their style and become better writers. You’ll be given plenty of pitches and cool opportunities to tackle interesting and challenging material that will help your CV stand out above the rest.

So if you feel like growing your portfolio of work and raising your profile with the help of a well-known and respected site, then this might just be the writing job for you. Along with getting an author profile on the site, we will market and promote your articles across various social media platforms ensuring that your work reaches as wide and as global an audience as possible.


How to Apply

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