Will Daryl Dixon Appear In THE WALKING DEAD Comic? Robert Kirkman Hints He May Appear In The Upcoming “Something To Fear”Arc

Posted on: March 5th, 2012

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Now it’s often the case that when something is being adapted from Book or comic that new characters will be introduced. In the case of The Walking Dead there have been many changes made from comic to small screen (Cough, Shane becoming the new Rick) but in a strange but welcome move, it appears that this trend may work both ways as fan favourite Daryl Dixon, played by the always watchable Norman Reedus, may be making an appearance in the comic.

It’s abit of a strange one and whilst I’m sure many fans want to see Daryl being similar to how he is in the show, I’d quite like to see him in a more sinister light. The show and comic have the same characters but they are slightly different and have diverged in similarity as the two mediums have taken different approaches to the story.

I quite like the idea of them running into a Daryl who’s been surviving the zombie Apocalypse on his own (or perhaps with his brother Merle Dixon, Michael Rooker in the show) and who is the ass hole they meet in season one. Without the support and feeling of belonging he has gotten within the group, especially concerning Carol and during the search for Sophia, I think he could be a force to be reckoned with.

Now in the comic, you’re not going to let me lose a hand, you hear me?

Ther have been rumours for a while now about this but series creator Robert Kirkman has had this to say on the matter:

“I’ve definitely considered writing Daryl in to the comics, Norman is always pestering me about it. All I can say right now is that if you have been paying attention to the Internet we did just release a series of teasers called ‘Something to Fear’ for a new story arc that’s coming up and it’s a series of very threatening looking people with very specific weapons and one of them has a crossbow.”

Here’s a teaser for the “Something To Fear” arc that he’s referring to.

Bring it on.

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