THE WALKING DEAD: Calvin And Hobbes Style.

Posted on: March 20th, 2012

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Here’s a great Calvin and Hobbes parody of The Walking Dead. In it we see Carl being followed by a Zombie. Something I’m pretty sure we can all agree we’d like to see in the actual show, only in the show we want the zombie to be eating Carl and perhaps pointing out that he’s so very annoying.

Here’s what the artist (Joel Watson) had to say on the pic:

Where’s Carl? NOT where you told him to be, that’s for damn sure. That kid is exactly where he is NOT supposed to be (where ever the most zombies are), doing exactly what he is NOT supposed to be doing (which is anything but staying nearby and surviving) with EXACTLY who you told him NOT to be with (basically anyone that aren’t his parents).

Excellent. Check out more of Joel’s stuff here.

Like this amsuing, if mildly disturbing , Game Of Thrones picture showing us what Jon Snow may find once he ventures out beyond The Wall.



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