Stan Lee’s Academy of Heroes: Reality TV For Crazy People In Costume. We Can’t Wait

Posted on: November 30th, 2012

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I love Stan Lee! And every time he pops up in a movie for a wee cameo I get all excited. I will however happily admit that anything he’s done since the late 60′s has been a steaming pile of unregulated shit. Not that Stan cares, as he probably gets paid big bucks to do what he loves, but for the rest of us, his cringe worthy ventures leave a nasty dent in the side of his otherwise pristine legacy as the grand pappy of modern pop culture.


His latest venture:  ”Stan Lee’s Academy of Heroes” looks to leave another big fucking ding, as it goes down the route of reality TV superheroes for ‘The Man’s’ web show, and what got me most about this was that it appears to be taking a cast of deluded mentalists who prowl the streets as their superhero persona’s and not only further encourage them to do that crazy shit, but train them up mentor style to become better at it. Kind of like America’s Next Top Model or some shit, only with fat guy superheroes with no actual powers and who potentially live in their mom’s basement.

These guys, who are quite possibly going to have the poop knocked out of them and look a lot like your creepy uncle in drag will be eliminated one by one until Stan finds the Ultimate hero, a hero so awesome that next year we can look forward to seeing them on the News having been killed for involvement in gang related violence. I took one look at this show and thought: I fucking love it! Car crash TV heaven awaits, and the promised C-List celeb cameo’s, shit mentor advice and the sight of a 60kg white boy in costume addressing a court of 6’4 plus basketball playing African Americans made my heart jump with sadistic joy.

The reality of course, is that this is probably going to be a load of hokey, staged, depressing and un-entertaining chud bait. But for the meantime I’m going to pretend it wont be and just enjoy Stan saying ‘Excelsior’ at the end of the below vid. Nobody does it better!


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