Netflix In Talks To Bring Back CBS’ JERICHO ……Hopefully For More Than 7 Epsiodes This Time!

Posted on: May 2nd, 2012

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In very, very strange news it appears that Netflix are in early talks to ressurect Jon Turteltaub’s Post-Apocalyptic show Jericho. This is a strange move on their part as I wasn’t aware there was a huge outcry for a return of Jericho….especially when fans of shows like Firefly are still crying out for a return of Serentity and her crew. Though the fact that Netflix are bringing us the long awaited fourth season of “Arrested Development” does make me think that this could happen.

Nothing like a nucleur apocylypse to get people to stand in fields and look thoughtful.

Here’s the history of the show:

Jericho, about the aftermath of a nuclear attack on U.S. soil and starring Skeet Ulrich and Lennie James, debuted in 2006, was canceled after its first season. Then it was revived for a seven-episode second season in the summer of 2007, aired its second season in 2008, and was canceled the following March. The revival, while inspiring, was a flop, as the show’s ratings were lower than before. There was also an attempt at a Jericho movie, but it never went beyond the development stage.

Firstly I’d like to say that I’m definitely for this happening. I really liked Jericho (and by that I mean that while it wasn’t the best first season of a show, it had shed-loads of potential and really picked up towards the end). I was gutted when it was cancelled and was pretty happy when fans bombarded the studio with peanuts in protest (they got the idea from a scene were Jake tells a story about his grandfather say “Nuts” that to a German officer suggesting he surrender during the War) and the show was brought back. And then was gutted once more when it was cancelled again.

They butt heads at first but once these two team up, there’s nothing that can stop them……bar cancellation.

There has been a Season 3 (and an upcoming Season 4) of the story that was continued in comic book form but I would really like to see these characters on the small screen again. Like Skeet Ulrich’s Jake Green, Lennie James awesome and enigmatic Robert Hawkins, Erik Knudsen’s annoying Dale (well, I could live without him), Sprague Grayden’s Heather (though this is more due to a crush on Grayden). Hell, I’d even look forward to seeing how Kenneth Mitchell and Alicia Coppola’s annoying odd couple Eric and Mimi are doing.

I’d still miss Gerald McRaney’s Johnston…..

I feel you buddy….even if I’m too manly to cry myself.

…..and I definitely wouldn’t have minded seeing more of Shoshannah Stern’s Bonnie. Though I’m happy she went out in a blaze of glory.

So very awesome!

I’m just wondering if they’ll restart the show from where they left off. I kinda hope they retcon the final episode because it was one of the worst finales I have ever seen. In CBS’ defense they did make 2 finales (one to be used to continue the show, one to conclude it) but it was so rushed and stupid that I’d rather they’d left us with a cliffhanger. Come on, it wrapped things up in 40 minutes and had an Aeriel dog fight in a show which mainly focused on people having enough food to eat each week.

I dunno about you Hawkins but I really think this makes no sense. Did we win? Who were most of those guys? And why were we in a dog fight earlier?

Anyway. We’ll keep an eye out for any more info on this but I gotta say, I’m really hoping this happens.




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