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Posted on: January 25th, 2013

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Loyal readers, I have failed you as a nerd TV reviewer. This is the week that Fringe came to an end and I should be writing you a nice little review of the finale, and a tender goodbye to the show. But I can’t, because I’m only on episode eight of season one.



Oh, the shame of coming late to a show. And I’m a massive repeat offender of this most heinous of geek crimes. There’s nothing like being afraid of your own Twitter feed because a show you haven’t watched – but plan to – is broadcasting its finale. I’ve been living in a social media panic room for the last few days.


The Telly Malingerer

The easy solution, of course, is to just watch shows from the beginning. Easier said than done, really. I recently wasted a few hours of my life on openers for some truly awful ‘geek’ shows: Switch, Terra Nova, Fast Forward and more.

In those cases, I’d have been better off waiting for the reviews. On the other hand, I have box sets of Breaking Bad, Chuck and the aforementioned Fringe sitting on my shelf and waiting to be viewed, and it would have been nice to be able to watch them at the same speed as the rest of the world, and join in the hysterical guess-work that follows on from every cliffhanger.

I’ve been a Jonny-come-lately to so many great shows. Supernatural, BSG, Firefly, even, whisper it, Buffy the Vampire Slayer couldn’t count me as a loyal viewer until series two.

Most of those I managed to catch up with part way through, but damn I wish I’d been forced to wait a few months to find out whether Adama survived after the series one BSG finale. Lucky for me, those were all pre-Twitter (or rather pre-my addiction to Twitter). Social media is making it very difficult to be the sort of person who waits for the box-set, or for the UK transmission. You get in at the ground floor and you keep up or things get spoilt for you.

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  • Keltari

    Carnivale was excellent. With one exception… It was cancelled before anything was resolved. So, be prepared to be severely disappointed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.murray.562 Dan Murray

    First seasons can be a waste of time (I watched all of No ordinary Family and can confirm it was cancelled with good cause) so It’s a tough one knowing what to watch and when to watch it. Fringe has a surprisingly weak first season when compared with the later seasons but stick with it as it only gets better and better. Good list though, I thought Reaper and Carnivale had shedloads of potential but Pushing Daisies was a great little quirky series that definitely should have lasted a few seasons more. I’d also add Space: Above and Beyond as it was a great show that depressingly didn’t make it past it’s first season. Plus you owe it to yourself to watch Chuck… in fact, everyone does.

  • Anonymous

    Batman, easily the most over-rated character in American culture. Getting really sick of it honestly. Nearly as bad as anything involving vampires.

    • Keltari

      Batman: The Brave and the Bold was not your typical Batman show. It made fun of the Batman franchise, as well as other DC characters. The show poked fun at the ridiculous villains and the Batman ethos. If you are sick of Batman, than this show might actually be good for you.