5 Things We Can Expect From Marvel’s Netflix Series

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Posted on: November 9th, 2013

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In news that has exploded nerd brains the world over, Marvel Studios and Disney have announced four TV shows to air on Netflix. Getting the small screen treatment are Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, and each of their 13-episode series’ will culminate in a shared mini-series: Defenders.


Well. We didn’t see that one coming. We knew Marvel were talking to Netflix, but something on this scale, with some characters that we assumed would go to the big screen, is basically unprecedented. It was more natural to assume that Marvel would continue launching its TV properties on ABC, the home of Agents of SHIELD and a channel owned by Disney. But instead, in a massive endorsement of online TV broadcasters, Netflix have got in on the act (which solves their dilemma over subscriptions now that Breaking Bad has finished…).


Nothing is known about these projects yet, but what can we expect this to mean for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


5. Street-level heroes

 Matt Murdoch

While Daredevil is undoubtedly the biggest name of the bunch, there is something they all have in common: They are all street-level, New York-based heroes (Hell’s Kitchen, to be specific). They all have powers, but they are pretty low-key when compared to the likes of Thor and the Hulk.


This suggests that the small screen will be the natural home for Marvel’s more grounded heroes. This could be for practical reasons (who would have the budget to do galactic battles on TV?), or simply because they’re less well-known. Daredevil is the only name that could carry a movie, but perhaps Marvel are still feeling the sting from that Ben Affleck film. And I don’t imagine that many DD fans will be complaining about the chance to get 13 hours of him in action, rather than just two.


So, what other street-level heroes (or anti-heroes…) could pop up on Marvel and Netflix’s slate, if these ones prove popular? Punisher is the obvious one, of course. Moon Knight. Cloak and Dagger. Misty Knight. The Runaways, even. Or maybe we’ll first see these characters popping up within the shows that have already been commissioned.


4. Crossovers


We know that these four series’ will be crossing over with each other, if only for the big Defenders mini-series. Frankly, I’d be surprised if we didn’t see crossovers within their individual series’, especially as many of these characters have long and complex histories with each other in the comics (Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are married).


But will there be any crossovers with the MCU, or with Agents of SHIELD? If these shows are on Netflix, that means we could expect a more adult tone than Agents of SHIELD has (fingers crossed), which could make crossovers tricky. I can’t really see Jess Jones’ famous potty mouth fitting in over at ABC.


Disney have already confirmed that big screen promotions could be in the pipeline for these characters, if they prove popular. Whether that means we’ll get to see Luke Cage leading the Avengers (as he did in the comics) remains to be seen. Although I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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  • acronombe2012

    Ray Park as Iron Fist or Deadpool or both

  • Bernard Marx

    Needs moar Deadpool

  • twitch

    chad “cutty from the cut” coleman (the wire,walking dead) would be great as luke cage

  • Kergillian

    Jessica Jones needs someone not to young, not too thin, and not too pretty. They are going to have to look outside of Hollywood for that.

    • Biff

      Depending on your tastes, the author’s mention of Sackoff fits very well.

  • glacia

    I’ve been a huge Marvel fan since the 70s so I’ll watch it although it’s a who’s who of my least favorite characters. Throw in the rest of Heroes for Hire and you have a group for whom I just never saw the point.

  • Ceberus

    Terry Crews as Luke Cage!

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    I would love to see Daredevil and Heroes for Hire come to life on this type of project. Characters who translate well for the small screen, and for Daredevil he could be the “flagship” of this new type of series, get the word out there.

    Captain Marvel with Katee Sackhoff would be great as she’s still trying to get more recognition as an actress. She’s good but not “great”. But she’s getting better all the time, so to see her as Captain Marvel could be great. She shouldn’t pull in the huge bucks either but just enough and she would get many Galactica fans hooked to the series.

    Could also be cool to include Black Panther in the mix.

    • The Walking Cuban

      Wow man great suggestion. I haven’t seen him since or before the Great Debators, but even that one role was intense. Still. I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Rock, but whoever does wind up as Luke Cage has to be close to that to me anyway.

      I used to work with a guy like that. Tall, muscular, charismatic, almost got in NFL, ex marine, ex male stripper. Just an X ray tech now lol. But a Luke Cage if I ever met one. I mean swole. Had a boss at sonic use to be like that, course now he’s fat, but the muscles… I think we need a real body builder actor. Not like Chris Evans who bulked up, more like Tom Hardy who is never far from monstrous.

    • DoigtDuPeuple

      Agreed. But you know how they do things in TV Series or Movies. while we see our heroes as bulky in the comics, they always cast smaller built guy else they’d have to make the stars do steroids to get them up to par.

      That’s why I personally thought of Nate Parker. Just his neck makes you think he’s bigger than he really is, and at 6 foot tall, a little bit of heavy lifting for a couple of months and he’ll get the build to better suit the role.

      Yeah The Rock type of guy could be hard to get. Hey, we’ll have to watch and see!

      PS. I think this response was supposed to be under my response to yours right? ;)

    • The Walking Cuban

      My response took so long I had to send 2 of em lol

  • The Walking Cuban

    Shear Moore for Luke Cage. He’s got the build AND the TV status. And if it crossed over to film, I mean, he’d be dumb not to take it. If not, then Brian White from In the Name of the King. Michael Jai White as last resort. He’s just not a great actor. Or a good actor even.

    • DoigtDuPeuple

      I like your suggestions for Shear Moore or Brian White, unfortunately I don’t think Moore would take it unless they provide him with a schedule designed around Criminal Minds shooting schedule as that series is continuing on at this time. I’m not a fan of the show so I don’t know the implications of the character, if he’s still in it or not but if he’s still aboard that show, don’t think he’d get out of it for a Netflix show.

      As for White, he’d have to put on some weight, and same for him since he’s on Hostages tv series. Don’t know if it will be renewed yet, but it seems to be on the channel’s “No go” list. So if it gets cancelled, he could be a good choice.

      Both of them are well known so they may be a little expensive to hire for this kind of project, but who knows how much they want to invest in the lead role.

      If they go to the “rather unknowns” I’m wondering how Nate Parker would trade off in that role. He’s not a huge star so he would cost a lot less money for starters, he’s got the “thick neck”, 6 foot tall and bulky enough which would translate well for the character. With a good director he could give a good performance.

    • The Walking Cuban

      Yeah Criminal Minds is very popular. Nate Parker is great but too small built I think. Brian White was ripped though in that movie I’ll never watch where he fought against Channing Tatum.

    • Razor Blade

      Nothing wrong with Michael Jai White’s acting! This superhero thing is his calling!! Blood n Bone or Spawn,

    • The Walking Cuban

      He was terrible in Spawn. He was also great in it. Ditto undisputed 2. Haven’t watched B & B. But man, in TDK, even Deebo acted better than him. Still, if he’s terrible as Luke Cage… He might also be great too.