HBO Painted Character Posters Go Old School

Posted on: March 25th, 2013

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It’s easy to offhandedly remark that HBO have the best TV shows, but the simple fact of the matter is; they do. And they’ve continued to put out some of the highest quality telly for the guts of a decade now with no signs (despite encroaching competition from Netflix) of slowing output any time soon.

Recently they ran an ad campaign titled ‘Stay Original’ for their 2013 TV line up (Game Of Thrones, True Blood, Strike Back etc.) that derived inspiration from the early form of movie advertising using painted character movie posters.

With the leading characters of each series and their title art, we illustrated the ad for a huge 4 page gate-fold advertisment. The illustration also have the flexibility to split up individually into single series for different forms of media. We created single page ads, banners, posters and premiums for this campaign.
Everything painted digitally from scratch to final.

The results not only showcase some great shows, but also some beautiful artwork promoting the rapidly declining usage of old school painted character posters. And lets face it folks, those were always the best!

Check the gallery below:



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