5 Things To Know About The Walking Dead Spin-Off

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Posted on: February 3rd, 2014

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Title: 5 Things To Know About The Walking Dead Spin-Off

In a way, our article from last September about television/movie spin-offs was prophetic. Within that list, we wrote about how The Walking Dead creators should make a new show, Heart of Dixon, based on the lives of tough-guy characters Daryl and Merle Dixon. While that series in particular isn’t in the works (yet, we hope), there is an actual spin-off on the way.

That’s the word according to creator Robert Kirkman, who via ComicBook.com revealed the news at the Amazing Arizona Comicon this month. And in going off his speech about the actual show and its soon-coming spin-off, here are five things you need to know about what’s next in a different part of The Walking Dead universe.

It’s Not Technically a Spin-off

By definition, a spin-off is a new television series that contains one of the following elements from a previous show: characters, a different character, or the theme. But that’s where Kirkman said that using the word “spin-off” doesn’t really make sense for his next venture. And that’s because…

It Will Feature a Different Group of Characters

Unfortunately for those of us holding out for Heart of Dixon, that simply won’t happen. The offshoot of The Walking Dead will boast an entirely new cast of characters from those we’ve seen over the years on the actual series. Therefore, there’s no actually “spinning off” of any of the characters, which is also why Kirkman doesn’t like that term.

None of the Core Cast Will Show Up

To that end, you may be disappointed to know that no one from The Walking Dead will appear on the currently untitled show. At least, none of the core characters, which means that we may see some of the ancillary characters make an appearance. He or she may even be the focus. Hmm, looks like we’ll need to revisit the series to see who could potentially get his or her own show.

We Don’t Know Where It Will Take Place (Yet)

Because he was in Arizona talking about this, Kirkman said that the new show could happen in that state. But he was clearly joking and playing to the crowd. He also said that he’s not going to say where it takes place and that “you never now” which setting will be chosen.

Everything Will Happen Uninterrupted

To go along with what he said about this not technically being a spin-off, Kirkman made it clear that the two shows will happen uninterrupted. It will be like the two shows don’t exist in the same universe‚Äîthough, they obviously do‚Äîbecause each show “will kind of be its own entity.” That fact makes it seem like we won’t see even a slightly familiar face on the spin-off.

As for when we’ll see this new show, that remains unknown. AMC executives told Vulture.com that it’s not as far along as, say, Breaking Bad offshoot Better Call Saul. If you need to catch up on the current Walking Dead series before season four airs next month, there are two easy fixes for that. You can either head to Channel5.com or catch it the next time it’s on Freeview. If you’re doing the latter, there are also options available for saving the shows for later viewing. As explained on MySmartBuy.com, there are all-in-one devices that can record the show directly from Freeview to DVD‚Äîor VHS if you’re old school‚Äîand this allows you to watch the episodes at your leisure. While there are other items that can record content to a hard-drive, the all-in-one approach allows for having everything in a single, neat package instead of having several taking up space in your flat.


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    It will have the zombies, right? Sounds like a spinoff to me.