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6 Best Bits From Last Weeks Comics

Ed's Note: Warning humble readers, for if you've not yet read last weeks comics stack, Neil is about to blow your motherloving mind with all kinds of ****spoilerific**** goodness! If you've read your... more

DAILY DIRT 14/11/12: Today’s Nerd News Minus The Hype

. Robocop Reboot: Combat Mode?   . The Uncanny Avengers Expand The Team Roster Wonder Man, Sun Fire and Wasp join Rick Remender's Uncanny A-Team:   . Alexander Skarsgard... more


Writer: Rick Remender Art: John Cassaday     Synopsis: THIS IS IT! The greatest era of the Marvel Universe starts here! From the ashes of AvX an all-new, all-different Avengers... more

MARVEL: NOW! In Covers

all new x-men
What we know about the next phase of Marvel comics is mostly the creative teams involved with the revamp and some sketchy plot details. The original X-Men are coming forward from the past to our... more

MARVEL: NOW! The Fact’s As We Know Them

iron man MARVEL: NOW!
Starting August Marvel are releasing 20 (supposedly) New titles which aren't a big bad reboot like what DC pulled and had fans crying into their Comixology pull-lists at the prospect of years of... more

MARVEL: NOW! 5 Questions Nerds Need Answered About The Upcoming Relaunch

Following Avengers Vs X-Men, Marvel's Summer mega event that started with a splutter and may just end with a bang (or not. Don't quote me on that) I have some questions about stuff we've seen so far,... more

UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 Plot Revealed By Our Evil Secret Source

Uncanny-Avengers #1
Thanks to our wee secret source we managed to get an advanced solicit for Uncanny Avengers #1, the jewel in the crown of the Marvel Now! October relaunch. I'll not lie, I'm excited, but I'm wary... more