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Why Ben Affleck Doesn’t Fit Batman

Gotham City
We're always keen to hear different opinions on current events in the movie world. We've previously covered why people need to chill out over the new Batman announcement, but we thought the opposite... more

5 Best DC Elseworld Tales That Screw With Continuity

kingdom come
In 1989 Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola's Gotham By Gaslight tale, transplanting Batman from his regular setting of modern era Gotham city to a Victorian age where he hunted Jack The Ripper, ignited... more

9 Giant Sci-Fi Sculptures To See Before You Die

9 GIANT Sci-Fi Sculptures To See Before You Die
Science Fiction has always had a preference for the larger than life, whether it be giant robots dating back to H.G. Wells War Of The Worlds (1898), where upon giant Martian tripods landed on earth... more

8 Reasons Man Of Steel Almost Works – But Falls Short Of The Mark

8 Reasons Man Of Steel Almost Works - But Falls Short Of The Mark
With the release of 2013's Man Of Steel Director Zack Snyder  (Watchmen, 300) re-imagines the origin of America's and indeed Western societies most iconic, and first ever Super-Hero; Superman - the... more

Superman: The Evolution Of An Icon

Just in time for the Man Of Steel movie, HalloweenCostumes.Com have come up with an infographic of the evolution of Superman's 'S' shield over the years, including some of the more obscure versions... more

7 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics (22-05-13)

7 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics (22-05-13)
Ed’s note: If you’ve haven’t read Neil’s ‘Best Bit’s’ before then…shame on you! WTF is wrong in your life! But other than that, you should know that we’ve left it until now to... more

Superman vs Thor Vid – Super Power Beat Down

Superman vs Thor
It's a common fan boy debate: who would win in a smack down between Superman and Thor? Superman has super-strength, invulnerability, super speed, laser vision and can fly. But key to this fight is... more

Batman Vs Superman In Song

batman vs superman
'Who would win between Batman and Superman in a fight?' is a persistent argument in the geek community. Batman would out-think Supes and kick his ass with Kryptonite is the popular answer (Hell,... more

5 Best Comic Book-Movie Adaptations Ever Made

In today's Hollywood Superhero movies are a dime a dozen. You can safely expect at least 2 of the 5 major summer tentpole movies (if not more) to be of the Superhero genre, and hey I'm not... more

13 Slices Of Nerd Culture Street Art

darth vader street art
Street Art can turn a bland corner or a run down wall into something splendid for the eye to behold. With the prolific rise of geek culture beating down the doors of the mainstream and permeating... more

Superman: Man Of Fashion

Artist David Bardin has taken the time to appreciate all nine looks that The Man Of Steel has sported in what he's described as; Nine Suits Seventy-Four Years. It's very cool to see these looks laid... more

John Woo’s Pop Culture Fashion Mash-Up

You may or may not have seen the beautiful pop culture fashion mash-up designs of John Woo, a designer and illustrator from Hong Kong, floating around the internet of late. His work amalgamates... more

5 Justice League Heroes That Need The Big Screen Overhaul

Justice League Painting
The Justice League is one of comics most enduring, perhaps most iconic Super-teams ever, beating The Avengers to the punch by 3 years with a 1960 debut in  The Brave and the Bold #28 with a line... more

SUPERHERO Coasters. Saving Coffee Tables Everywhere!

Marvel Character Faces
Have you ever had an inclination to save your table from watermarks, but lacked the superhero coaster prowess to do it? Well worry no more, because Behance artist Sayon from New Delhi, India has... more


If it hasn't already become incredibly obvious, we at BH get seriously dribbly for our adulthood passion of Lego, that never really went away when we grew up now did it? And since guys like Antonio... more

SUPERMAN Spotted Flying Around California.

superman - remote control plane - pacific coast
Imagine you are biking along and suddenly Superman flew past you.What would you be thinking... other than that you need to get your camera phone out immediately. That's what happened to people on the... more

Lego Stop Motion – SUPERMAN VS LEX LUTHOR – You’ll Believe A Toy Can Fly!

lego superman/lex luthor
With the release of the new Man of Steel trailer earlier, we thought we'd bring you a little more Superman related fun. Sometimes you watch something and wonder why the Hell no-one had thought of it... more

Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane… No, It’s An Underwhelming Poster For Zach Synder’s MAN OF STEEL

man of steel poster banner
Warner Bros promised that there would be a Man of Steel related surprise released in conjunction with the DVD release of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises and here it is. It's Superman... in... more