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A Nerd Abroad: Travelogues For The Global Geek

A Nerd Abroad
A Nerd Abroad Are The Travelogues Of BAD HAVEN's dedicated Cruise Ship resident James Randall Coath, in his continuing quest to find Nerdy s**t in the multitudes of different countries he's been... more

Fake Nerds: Don’t Say You’re A Nerd If You’re Not A Nerd – The Portlandia Sketch And The Ongoing Debate

This public service announcement from Portlandia regards calling yourself a 'nerd' when you're not really a 'nerd' continues the 'fake nerds' debate and ongoing fanboy rage at those ever detestable... more

The Pop Culture NERD Art Of Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath is the creative genius behind these rather superb bit's of pop culture art influenced by nerd culture over the past few decades. They are so good that I may or may not have done an... more


bodayart 1
As cool as flaming skulls, butterflies, tribal and Celtic style tattoos are (did I mention all the stereotypical designs?...damn it I forgot dolphins – please add dolphins to the list). I prefer my... more

9 BAD-ASS Bento’s – The Amazing Nerd Lunches Of Japan

batman bento
Ed's note: Susie McBeth is a contributor at BAD HAVEN: Would you rather have a soggy run of the mill sandwich or whatever else you are brown bagging for your worker (drone) lunch, or in my case... more

HERE COME THE NERDS: Geek Fashion Rundown

  When it comes to women's fashion, traditionally the term geek wouldn't really conjure up the image of a saucy vixen in ours minds... no, something more like a wool cardigan wearing... more

NERD FIGHT NIGHT! Bruce Willis Vs. Time Vs. Ice Vs. Dominic Santiago (Dom) From Gears Of War Vs. Books Vs. The Speed Of Light Vs. Biscuits Vs. Perspective

By Kevin Lenaghan Well it's a beautiful night here in Madison Square Gardens, known by the locals simply as The Garden. And what a night we have in store for you this evening! That's right! It's... more

The MENTAL DEFICIENCY Yearly Round-up Podcast

Mental Deficiency, Belfast's Hardest Rocking Nerds, and regular HAVEN-ites have put out their yearly highlights podcast. I've listened to it, and am no longer wearing pants. Here's what you can find... more

HATE: The Pretender God-Particle Of The Gamer

Everybody complains. I, you may be surprised to learn, complain about a lot of things. Sometimes I even seethe. There is nothing wrong with this. Finding flaws and applying constructive critcism is... more

Makers Of Jersey Shore To Make Nerd Reality TV Show

Below is the press release for Fandom Rising, a reality TV show about Nerds from the makers of Jersey Shore, and what I can only describe as my idea of Hell! The culture of Nerdism is the one safe... more