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Masters Of The Universe Skeletor Life Sized Replica

Sometimes having a little toy Skeletor, He-Man's evil sorcerer nemesis from one of the best kids tv shows ever Masters Of The Universe just isn't enough. And when that becomes the case you need to... more

He-Man/ThunderCats Art Mash-Up

What happens when you mash two of the sweetest kids fantasy TV Series of all time into one awesome print? Nerd Boner!! That's what. Anthony Petrie, an RISD alumn working in the product design... more

Masters Of The Universe Pop Art

Seasons Greetings by Kenobii
Chris Faccone is a freelance artist with a clear affinity for nostalgic characters from The Masters Of The Universe He-Man and She-Ra range, with an art style that sits somewhere between the pop art... more

HE MAN And SHE RA Rag Dolls: Masters Of The Tiny-verse!

He Man Rag Doll
Deviant Artist Nightwing1975 has succeeded in making HE MAN and SHE RA - the prince and his cousin the princess of power - into something altogether less emasculating with these cutie pie rag... more

BEST BITS: Last Week’s COMICS Dissected For The Good Stuff!

Best Bits Art
Ed's note: If you're new to Neil's ode to last week's comics joy column, then beware: ***SPOILERS*** lie ahead if you've not read your latest stack yet. But if you have or just don't care, then dive... more

SKELETOR Gif 8 BIT Animation. Because ‘Old School’ Cackling Villains Make Us Happy

skeletor gif
It's hard not to love Skeletor. He's an old school evil bastard with a heap of inept lackies he's always getting annoyed at and a frankly brilliant cackle (see the below vid).   And... more

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: Susie’s Casting Wish List

Masters of the universe
Jon Chu’s Masters of the Universe has finally been greenlit so, whilst yes this is yet another reboot in the pipeline (“hello, anyone in Hollywood out there have an original film idea or are we... more

CULT ART – Susie’s Artist Of The Day: Matt Kaufenberg

Thor's Day Off Matt Kaufenberg (2) (600x629)
American graphic designer and illustrator Matt Kaufenberg is my artist of the day. His playful style and whimsical art really struck a chord with me. His storybook style graphics connect with your... more

TOP #10 80′s Kid’s TV Shows: I Got Love For You If You Watched Toons In The 80′s

Cartoons are a staple of childhood. Pretty much everyone has their favourites and, really, how many times over the years has a conversation started with “do you remember this (insert name of... more

Masters of the Universe To Get New Big Screen Adap

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Escape Artists, whose previous collaborations include Seven Pounds and The Pursuit of Happiness, have announced in a press release that they plan to continue their... more

Masters of the Universe: The Art Of HE-MAN Gallery #2

As promised, it's he second half of the most epic Masters of the Universe Gallery ever complied (by me anyway). If you haven't yet, check out the first gallery and then come back here. Together they... more

Masters of the Universe: The Art Of HE-MAN Gallery #1

"I HAVE THE POWEEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!" With these words and a raised Power Sword, Prince Adam, Eternia's favourite son and pretend lazy rich kid was transformed into: HE-MAN! The most powerful man in... more