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8 TV/Movie Spin-Offs The Networks Need To Make Happen

Spin-offs are hot business right now. Better Call Saul will continue to bring AMC its fix of bad suits and worse legal practices once Breaking Bad finishes, and JK Rowling is returning to the Harry... more

6 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics (12-07-13)

6 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics (12-07-13)
Ed’s note: Hi there avid comic book readers, welcome to Neil’s ‘Best Bits’, a nostalgic look back at last weeks ‘best bits’ in comics (in Neil’s humble opinion) . We’ve left it... more

8 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics (27-06-13)

lazarus #1
Ed’s note: Hi there avid comic book readers, welcome to Neil’s ‘Best Bits’, a nostalgic look back at last weeks 'best bits' in comics (in Neil’s humble opinion) . We’ve left it until... more

7 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics (01-05-13)

Ed’s note: If you’ve haven’t read Neil’s ‘Best Bit’s’ before then…shame on you! WTF is wrong in your life! But other than that, you should know that we’ve left it until now to... more

6 Best Bits From Last Weeks Comics

Ed's Note: Warning humble readers, for if you've not yet read last weeks comics stack, Neil is about to blow your motherloving mind with all kinds of ****spoilerific**** goodness! If you've read your... more

BEST BITS: Last Week’s COMICS Dissected For The Good Stuff!

Best Bits Art
Ed's note: If you're new to Neil's ode to last week's comics joy column, then beware: ***SPOILERS*** lie ahead if you've not read your latest stack yet. But if you have or just don't care, then dive... more

MARVEL NOW And How DC Need To Shape Up

marvel now j scott campbell
Remember when DC had Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Supergirl, World’s Finest and Birds of Prey on the shelves while Marvel had just cancelled X-23, their only female-led... more

The 10 Best COMIC BOOK Characters Of 2012

top 10 2012
It’s been an eventful year in comics, what with Marvel Now, Before Watchmen, Image’s 20th anniversary and the ongoing clusterfuck that is the New52. But let’s take a look at the characters... more


hawkeye #1
  HAWKEYE #1   Writer: Matt Fraction Art: David Aja     Synopsis: The breakout star of this summer's blockbuster AVENGERS film and self-made hero Hawkeye fights... more


Matt Fraction and David Aja teamed for one of my fave ever Marvel series with Immortal Iron Fist, so their take on Avengers big mouth and general hot headed trouble making archer Clint Barton has... more

Fantastic SUPERHEROES SHADOWS Artwork. (Warning: You Will Want These On A T-Shirt)

This artwork form lilysfactory is pretty amazing. Each character is silhouetted in front of something important to that character (usually their logo but in some cases were the character doesn't... more

Things We Learned About C2E2 (That We Didn’t Already Know About & Weren’t Just Regurgitated Hype)

From what I've gleaned from the panels at C2E2: a lot of the information has been done before, is currently out there and is just undergoing some further hype building exercises that want to send... more

THE AVENGERS Update: New Poster And Name Change

Always the way, you wait ages for any news on a movie you're excited about and suddenly it all arrives at once. Firstly, for all of us in the UK/Ireland, we're going to have to deal with the new... more

THE AVENGERS Weekend round-up: Nick Fury action figure, new movie stills and Loki talking about his fights with The Hulk and Cap!

Now a while back it was revealed that a Nick Fury toy was coming out but creators "Hot Toys" only hinted at what he might look like. In a drunken stupor I "made" these superbly edited guesses at what... more

A teaser trailer for THE AVENGERS Superbowl trailer released (Yes, this is as stupid as it sounds!)

Marvel have released a preview for their Superbowl trailer of The Avengers. Apparently this is necessary because we get a brief glimpse of Loki riding one of the Alien ships and a longer shot of the... more

THE AVENGERS Merchandise (Including Toys, Ang Pows, Colognes and Trading Cards).

There's a lot of Marvel's The Avengers paraphernalia popping up recently. While we could have looked at all of these individually, they weren't really that interesting so we decided to wait and... more

THE AVENGERS update: New images and possible story details revealed (Warning: Spoilers ahoy)

It's been a while since there were any massive updates for Joss Whedon's The Avengers and now, thanks to Empire Magazine, it seems the rumour and spoiler mill are back on track. In case you've... more

Jeremy Renner shares his views on THE AVENGERS and the possibility of HAWKEYE getting his own movie.

Franchise invader (come on, he's worked his way onto the "Mission Impossible", "Bourne" and "Marvel" bandwagons) Jeremy Renner has been speaking out about his role as Marvel favorite Hawkeye.... more