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4 Ways The New Star Wars Films Will Disappoint You

star wars disney-story banner
Everyone rejoice! Disney have bought Lucasfilm and there's going to be some new Star Wars films! Yay! Even better, everyone's favourite director JJ Abrams is on board to direct! [caption... more

DAILY DIRT: JJ Talks STAR WARS – George Lucas Has A Cage Fighting Daughter And A Bunch Of Trailers N’Stuff

Space Pirate Captain Harlock
JJ Abrams Talks Star Wars And The Mystery Box He's very enthusiastic for Star Wars is JJ. Also a big fan of Apple computers apparently:   Space Pirate Captain Harlock... more

GEORGE LUCAS And JJ ABRAMS Talk ‘STAR WARS’ And ‘Nerd Hate’ On Face Book

George Lucas Welcomes JJ to Star Wars on Facebook
This fake conversation between George Lucas and JJ Abrams is so good I wish it could be true. I'm just going to pretend it is:     Source:... more


While Zac Snyder once said he wouldn't be doing a Star Wars film, and we all believed him, Vulture are reporting that he was misdirecting us in this latest rumor (that may just be a load of bantha... more

JEDI Religion? The Force Is The New Nerd Faith Of Choice

Contending with  Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism and basically the vast majority of mainstream faiths, Jedi religion is now becoming as popular among the faithful, or the... more

Worst Rumour Of The Day; Darth Vader May Return For STAR WARS Ep 7

darth vader - noooo
The interwebs have been ablaze with speculation about Star Wars Ep 7 and (as most of it is unverified nonsense and fan-boy wish fulfilment) I've been able to go about my daily life without it... more

DAILY DIRT 09/11/12: All Of Today’s News Minus The Hype

. Michael Bay initially dispelled rumors that Mark Wahlberg would be involved in Transformer 4 but just today posted his approval of Wahlberg for his lock in role saying: Mark is awesome. We... more

Disney Star Wars Trilogy: Episode 1 – A New Hope… Possibly

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If you had been in my home during the last week, then I’d say fair play to you. I would then point out that the security measures you thought you had overcome are not meant to keep people out. In... more

STAR WARS Episode 7: The Speculation Continues

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It's all biz on the Star Wars front since Disney bought out Lucasfilm, and thus the rumor mill has been steaming furiously like a shit fueled locomotive on the fast track to Poopie Town. Jim Dorey... more

Why The Disney Lucasfilm Buy-Out Won’t Deliver The Goods

Some of you may be familiar with the show ‘I’ve Never Seen Star Wars’ - whether in its radio or TV incarnation, the title is supposed to inspire incredulity in the audience at the... more

STAR WARS Episode VII – A New Director… A New Hope…

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There are quite rightly plenty of cynical reasons why we should all dread the thought of more Star Wars movies, but in the cold sober light of the morning after the mental news of the night before,... more

CULT ART: Susie’s Sci-Fi Sunday – Star Wars

bad wookie
Sundays are a day of rest for most people and, whilst I have been spending my Sunday chilling out with a copy of 'The Fountain' graphic novel (which is amazeballs btw) and a cup of the Earl, I... more

THE PHANTOM MENACE Made Mini Vader Jake Lloyd’s Life A “Living Hell”

Star Wars actor Jake Lloyd reveals a new look
I think nearly everyone alive agrees that Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was the worst thing to happen to the franchise. One of the main reasons for this (actually there's about 40 good reasons for... more

STAR WARS Retro: Why Does No-One Care About Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars?

Right, this article will really prove what a Star Wars fan boy I am but I don't care, I need to know the answer to this question so I really have to ask. Why does everyone think the new CGI Clone... more

STAR WARS bucket: Details of Star Wars XXX porn parody, an honest trailer to THE PHANTOM MENACE and Glenn Beck insults George Lucas.

Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody Well, there's been too much Star Wars news to keep posting them all individually so in our ever increasing laziness, we've fired all of today's news in one simple and... more

The Horror!JAR JAR BINKS gets an entire BAD BUCKET to himself: See him killed, frozen in carbonite and read exciting details of a deleted scene containing irrelevant character development!

Before I begin I'd just like to say this, with the release of The Phantom Menace 3D having brought back the debate over whether the prequels are a steaming load of shit or divine manna from... more

A Fan Letter To George Lucas: Why do you hate us?

Dear George Lucas. Having slowly alienated fans of your original Stars Wars movies for many, many years now, I have to say enough is enough. I loved Star Wars and read many books/ comics,... more

Sanitising Solo: Why Han shooting first isn’t just Fanboy ranting.

Now the argument that has plagued Star Wars fans for years has been whether Han Solo should have shot Greedo first. There has been a lot said on both sides of this argument (and a lot added by a... more