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Prepare For A Gamer War: Housewives Are Coming!

Is Farmville the new hardcore game? It might not be that ridiculous to consider, according to the 2012 Entertainment Software Association numbers. Prepare to have your stereotypes challenged. The... more

Team Unicorn ‘For The Win’ Gamer Girl Music Video

Confessedly I'd never actually come across or heard of Team Unicorn before the below vid, but after researching the matter thoroughly can report they are a group of nubile young nerdy ladies... more


Maro Bros Fan Art
In this week's Underbelly Frank explores his favorite Super Mario Power ups. The good ones, the bad ones, the....slightly pedophilic ones? Yes, I'm not sure how they worked that in either, but... more

5 Reasons Nerds Are The New Mainstream (And Old school Nerds HATE it!)

nerd culture
Over the past decades Nerds have gone from socially reviled, sci-fi loving, home work efficient bespectacled lurkers to media darlings, pop cultural icons, sex objects and the creme de la creme of... more

The War on Terror: What killed survival-horror games?

“Silent Hill: Downpour” was unleashed onto the uncaring gaming masses last week in an attempt to bring Konami’s once groundbreaking survival-horror series back into the limelight.  The attempt... more