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John Woo’s Pop Culture Fashion Mash-Up

You may or may not have seen the beautiful pop culture fashion mash-up designs of John Woo, a designer and illustrator from Hong Kong, floating around the internet of late. His work amalgamates... more

ROBOT SPIDER Dress: The Future Of Fashion Is CYBER

Fashion is mostly lost on me, though when it's got some sort of nerdy application I can usually at least appreciate that side of it, which is definitely the case with this dress designed by  ANOUK... more

NERD GIRL Fashion – What To Wear This Winter

With Christmas fast approaching and all the advertisements in full swing, it's the perfect time to begin assembling our Christmas Must-Have lists. Leaving a few cheeky weeks for delivery for any of... more

THE HUNGER GAMES: Serves Up A New Course Of Fashion, Courtesy Of Artist Lance Temple

lance temple district 12 - Copy (450x284)
The Hunger Games: Killer fashion, before they start killing each other   If you are new to The Hunger Games trilogy of books...this is what the first one is about (I won't go into the other... more

10 Examples Of Sexy STEAMPUNK

There is something very tantalising about Steampunk. As a sub-culture it has a lot of depth and is not just about cool clothes and whimsical alterations to every-day things. It is a sub-culture... more