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Why Do Modern Audiences Love Serial Killers?

Why Do Modern Audiences Love Serial Killers
  “If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you” – Friedrich Nietzsche   It is a supreme contradiction that the group of people who, by all rights, shouldn’t be... more

8 TV/Movie Spin-Offs The Networks Need To Make Happen

Spin-offs are hot business right now. Better Call Saul will continue to bring AMC its fix of bad suits and worse legal practices once Breaking Bad finishes, and JK Rowling is returning to the Harry... more

STAYING IN – The Rise Of The TV Anti-Hero

Breaking Bad Heisenberg
Breaking Bad series 1 – 5.1 spoilers below...   It’s all Tony Soprano’s fault.   TV used to have heroes at its core, good men and women struggling against external forces... more

Staying In: Dexter Series Seven – Serial killers Are So Hot Right Now

Staying In Dexter
Dexter is so violent, sweary, stylish and smart that it’s been adopted as a nerd show, despite zero spaceships or demons (apart from Dex’s Dark Passenger, which is sort of like Angelus, I guess.... more

Dan’s Meanderings: Why Don’t People Know When To Stop?

resident evil 6 characters
It's that wonderful time of the year again when most of the TV shows I enjoy are finally coming back for their next season. In most cases this is a good thing (as it gives me even more reason to stay... more

BAD BUCKET: Today’s Movie/TV News Minus The Hype

Dexter 2
 Andy Lau Turns Down Role In IRON MAN 3 Apparently Andy Lau  has declined a role in Iron Man 3 (as a scientist and friend of Tony Stark)  due to the birth of his first child. Whilst I... more

BAD BUCKET: Today’s Movie/TV News Minus The Hype (Contains Spoilers)

chuck sarah walker
Peter Parker Serves Flash Thompson in Latest Clip From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Peter Parker uses his new found abilities to mess with resident jock Flash Thompson (played by Chris Zylka). Note... more

College Humor’s “OFFICIAL SPOILER ETIQUETTE” Featuring Some TV Celebrities You Might Just Recognise.

Ah spoilers. Sometimes they really are the bane of my life. There are times when I'm not too invested in something or alternatively desperately need to know something about a film/show I like that... more

Jonny Lee Miller to play Sherlock Holmes in CBS’ ELEMENTARY. (BBC and SHERLOCK execs will be watching this one closely)

It appears CBS have found their lead for their upcoming show Elementary in the form of Jonny Lee Miller. Before I begin my rant I'd just like to say, I think he's alright (He was great in... more

Valentines Day Nerds Special: Great couples In Nerd-dom

  Valentines Day Nerds Special: Great couples In Nerd-dom Contains Spoilers: You might think that cynicism, apathy and a relationship history that's more “500 days of Summer” than... more

‘Dexter’ stalemate puts shows future in limbo

Not what a well-balanced person looks like
Showtime’s flagship drama Dexter opened its sixth season on Sunday with a stellar 2.2 million viewers, up 24% from last year to mark the hit series’ highest-rated premiere ever and... more

‘Dexter’ Season 6 Preview: Religion, Love and the Future

Source: The Hollywood Reporter  The sixth season of Showtime’s Dexter – premiering Sunday, Oct. 2 – explores territory that the Michael C. Hall drama has yet to explore:... more

Ned Flanders as “Dexter” parody video.

  The Simpons is a show that has outlived it's sell by date by about 10 years. Though there are some a handful of funny episodes in between the turds, I have to admit to quite liking the... more

Dexter season 6 trailer released.

Showtime have released a trailer for the sixth season of Dexter, a show that follows the adventures of serial Killer Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall. The trailer also reveals some of the the... more