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DeadPool Vs Gentlemen: Prepare For Mad Dancing And Ungentlemanly Behavior!

D-Piddy (AKA Deadpool) is definitely a contender for one of the best things to ever happen to comic conventions, indeed the... more

Deadpool Visits WonderCon 2013 (And ‘Dance Off’s’ Like A Champ!)

I can't imagine anything more liberating than slipping on a Deadpool costume and letting loose some uninhibited antics as the maddest merc in the Marvel U, which is what happened when D-Piddy... more

Deadpool Portrait Made Of Used Ammo

Marvel's mouthy, psycho, fourth wall breaching merc, the beloved Deadpool, has shot more bullets than you've had hot dinners. Now imagine what would happen if you got a collections of those shell... more

6 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics

Ed's note - Make sure you've read last weeks stack before checking out the list below, unless you don't read any of these titles or don't mind ****spoilers**** in which case your safe as houses.... more

BEST BITS: This Week’s COMICS Dissected For The Good Stuff

best bits
Welcome to our new column from Comics eating machine Neil Fullerton, where he dissects his massive reading list of this week's comics for some of the best stuff he's come across in the funny books... more

COSPLAY (Battle) Of The Day: Yung Lee’s Fan Made Cosplay Smackdown

Cosplay Epic Fan Fights 2012 (2)
Sure we all love to see cosplayers dressed up as our favourite characters and posing for the camera but wouldn't it be awesome to see them in action as that character. Cosplayer (and editor) Yung Lee... more


deadpool breaking bad art banner
If there's one mash up I'm never thought I'd see, it AMC's Breaking Bad (possibly one of the best shows on TV at the minute) and Marvel's Deadpool. Apparently artist, Marco D’Alfonso had different... more

CULT ART: Susie’s Artist Of The Day: CircusMayer Gives The Avengers A Gender-Bending Make-Over

lady_avengers_by_circusmayer-d53p206 (3) (400x272)
DeviantArt artist CircusMayer has re-imagined the Avengers as women. Strong, sexy, beautiful women! Her manga-style art is super cute and seriously addictive. Her love of The Avengers is evident... more

DEADPOOL Game Trailer Breaks The Forth Wall And Your Zipper

deadpool game trailer
Deadpool is a hilarious mad man who just happens to be a mutant killing machine mercenary, and probably one of the most meta characters ever to break the fourth wall in comics. Giving him his own... more

MARVEL NOW! Vs The NEW 52: A Look At The Big 2′s Company Rivalry

  As the first anniversary of DC’s New 52 approaches, it looks like Marvel are taking a leaf out of their rivals book by launching Marvel Now! It might not be the line-wide reboot that the... more

10 Step Guide To Supervillain World Domination

supervillain susa by Susie McBeth
Did you wake up this morning reach for your Deathstar blue prints and decide that you need more garbage units as ‘mwah ha ha’ they are all the better to crush unsuspecting visitors with? Did you... more


After doing some extensive research it really seems like this is exactly what it says on the tin. Cullen Bunn (writer) and Dalibor Talajic (artist) are going to make a 4 part mini series along... more

DEADVILLE: Free Zombie Horror Film. What More Could You Ask For?

It's a rarity that you get people just giving films away for free, but this is exactly the case with Northern Irish Film Makers Kieran Majury and Alex Devant, who wrote and directed their low budget... more

The Continuing Adventures Of Dan: HEROES AND LEGENDS

Writer's note: Right, before I begin I should maybe point out that “The continuing adventures of Dan” segments haven't been getting a lot of exposure. Apparently, no-one wants to read about a... more

THE SKINNY: Deadpool Gets The Go Ahead – Tilda Swinton and Jamie Bell for Bong Joon-ho’s Snow Piercer? And Hancock 2 Might Happen. But Let’s Hope Not.

The Bad Man Note: Due to a slight hiccup with the site over the last fewe days, we've had to make a few adjustments to our usual schedule. That's why we're finishing off the news tonight in The... more

Has Rob Liefeld Seen Footage Of A New DEADPOOL Movie? Or Is He Talking Mince Pies

Rob Liefled created Cable. And he also created Deadpool. He's been known to go on about both at length, but we like Rob because he's a passionate guy and loves what he does... more

DEADPOOL #49 Evil Deadpool Vs…. Moderately Less Evil Deadpool?

DANIEL WAY (W) • SALVADOR ESPIN (A) COVER BY RYAN STEGMAN [nggallery id=430] • The conclusion of EVIL DEADPOOL! • Guest-starring Captain America! • Surprise ending, kicking off... more

DEADPOOL: DEAD teaser released.

We've all been teased with the idea that Deadpool may finally met his end soon. After his latest arc saw him facing off against "Evil Deadpool" who was made from a collection of Deadpool's... more