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What If Star Wars Was Part Of Real Life?

Real life Star Wars
History is something that most of us came to find considerably more interesting when we left school and weren't being forced to study it and/or listen to the senile ramblings of our grandparents as... more

Darth Vader Returns In First Person Lightsaber Duel Part 3

So you've seen Darth Vader unleash an ass-whooping in first person lightsaber battles part 1 and part 2, but now thanks to The Stunt People the saga continues with a furthering of the original... more

How Would You Fix…The Star Wars prequels?

Ed’s note: Fan Fix by Nathan Adler, is one man, and one major fan’s tireless efforts to fix continuity in comics, in the ultimate chronicle of character histories and fan theory into... more

‘Vader Strikes Back’ In Sequel To Smash 1st Person Perspective Lightsaber Battle

'Vader Strikes Back' In Sequel To Smash 1st Person Perspective Lightsaber Battle
You might have seen The Stunt Peoples original 'Jedi Vs Vader' first person perspective lightsaber battle a while back, but the super-talented bunch of martial arts pro's have recently released a... more

5 Super-Villains Who Would Make A Kick-Ass Boss

Some bosses are cool, laid back and on the level. Some are pricks who spend all day up our asses like a metaphorical hemorrhoid. And some bosses can be really evil ass-holes! Come on, it's easy to... more

The ‘Vs Darth Vader’ Stop Motion Beat Down Compilation

Indiana Jones vs. Darth Vader
Patrick Boivin has produced some of the coolest stop motion toy animation videos on the web and must really have a 'Hate On' for everyones favorite Dark Lord of The Sith Darth Vader, since he's... more

Star Wars VII – Return Of The Empire (A Disney Parody)

Star Wars VII - Return Of The Empire
With Disney having won over the rights to Star Wars you'd be forgiven for wondering just how far they'd be willing to milk the biggest sci-franchise of all time and ever, and what exactly would... more

13 Slices Of Nerd Culture Street Art

darth vader street art
Street Art can turn a bland corner or a run down wall into something splendid for the eye to behold. With the prolific rise of geek culture beating down the doors of the mainstream and permeating... more

John Woo’s Pop Culture Fashion Mash-Up

You may or may not have seen the beautiful pop culture fashion mash-up designs of John Woo, a designer and illustrator from Hong Kong, floating around the internet of late. His work amalgamates... more

Darth Vader Lightsaber Duel From A ‘First Person Dark Lord Perspective’

Seeing a lightsaber duel from the vantage point of the actual duelists would be pretty cool. Now imagine that lightsaber duel is from the vantage point of Vader. The dark lord is a dab hand at laying... more

STAR WARS Plush Rag Dolls We Want In Our Bed

I know we did a He-Man one of these a while back, but goddammit it's not my fault companies keep making cute rag doll versions of bad-ass s**t! Now suck it up and pick your favorite. Mines The... more

Star Wars Lego Sculptures From Brick World 2013

As part of Lego Brick World 2013 some pretty sweet Star Wars block sculptures were rolled out including Vader, Yoda, R2 and Jango Fett. I was nearly inclined to bitch furiously about Jango Fett's... more


storm troopers vs aliens
One of the ultimate fan wank fantasies is the crossing over of their different 'verses' so that characters from different franchises can fight each other and we get to rabidly watch. And while... more

Worst Rumour Of The Day; Darth Vader May Return For STAR WARS Ep 7

darth vader - noooo
The interwebs have been ablaze with speculation about Star Wars Ep 7 and (as most of it is unverified nonsense and fan-boy wish fulfilment) I've been able to go about my daily life without it... more

GANDALF Vs DARTH VADER Video: When Old Guy SCI-Fantasy Icons Collide

My first instinct on watching this fight was: there's no fucking way this can be any good. Lord of the Ring'sGandalf is an old bastard and Vaders an old bastard in a life support suit, who's last... more

STAR WARS bucket: Details of Star Wars XXX porn parody, an honest trailer to THE PHANTOM MENACE and Glenn Beck insults George Lucas.

Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody Well, there's been too much Star Wars news to keep posting them all individually so in our ever increasing laziness, we've fired all of today's news in one simple and... more


Star Wars 3D quadposter
Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace hits cinemas once again this week and as is the trend for most movies these days it’s in glorious (?) 3D. So can the prospect of double-sided lightsabers... more


Max Landis is on a bit of a hot streak at the minute. Having scripted Chronicle (which somehow lives up to and surpasses the hype surrounding it), his short documentary "The Death and Return of... more