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What Does HELLBLAZER Being Cancelled Mean For DC Vertigo?

Before its cancellation was announced yesterday, Hellblazer was Vertigo’s longest-running series. It launched as a DC title in 1988, before moving to the Vertigo imprint when it was launched in... more

BEFORE WATCHMEN: The Controversy In Quotes

Recent controversy over the Before Watchmen, DC's cash in prequel to legendary 1980's ground breaker Watchmen found major oppostion from original writer Alan Moore, came to a head when other... more

Dan DiDio Says That The NEW 52 Will Have It’s First Major Cross-Over in 2013!

New 52 characters
One of the staples of comic books are character cross-overs (In fact, The Avengers showed that this was just as big a draw for cinema goers as it is for comic fans) so it's abit strange that the New... more

DC Universe Presents Gets New Creative Team from #6

A lot of titles from the New 52 launch have had a creative team shake-up early on in life from Green Arrow and Superman to Static Shock. Now DC Universe Presents is getting a new team on board... more

COMIC’s to be more inclusive to Women say DC’s Jim Lee and Dan DiDio

Sexism in comics isn't as bad these days, but for years it may have been difficult to read a comic full of steroidal spandex types and babes in skin tight lycra if you were a forward thinking... more

DCnU: SUPERMAN will be a much different Kettle of Fish says DiDio and Lee

In a recent interview with Newsarama EIC Dan DiDio and creator/art legend Jim Lee talked about the new, more accessible Superman that would be coming as part of the DCnU Re-Boot. Concerning... more