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12 Moments That Defined 2013′s Year In Nerd

If you want a recap article dealing with horse burgers, the children of the ruling class and twerking, keep scrolling. My review of the year is purely to do with all things in the realm of geek. And... more

7 Coolest Cult Movie Bike Customizations

There have been some extremely cool motorbikes used in Hollywood movies over the years, and although they look unreal because of their features and design, they do actually exist and some of them are... more

Why Ben Affleck Doesn’t Fit Batman

Gotham City
We're always keen to hear different opinions on current events in the movie world. We've previously covered why people need to chill out over the new Batman announcement, but we thought the opposite... more

Nerd Girls: How To Get That Catwoman Look

In recent years the rise of the nerd has developed at the speed of light. Big spell-binding fantasy epics like Lord of the Rings have been turned into huge movies. With the literary magic springing... more

5 Reasons Batman Is A Terrible Hero (But We Love Him Anyway)

5 Reasons Batman Is A Terrible Hero (But We Love Him Anyway)
Since he first appeared as a Bat-winged, pulp inspired (and notably gun wielding) crime fighter in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939 - Batman, created by Bob Kane and fleshed out to the degree that... more

5 Actors Who Caused FAN RAGE When Cast As Superheroes

Poor Ben Affleck. No matter how many Oscars he wins, or how much of a nice guy he seems to be, people just don’t seem to tire of beating him with a stick. He’s been slowly and emphatically... more

5 Best DC Elseworld Tales That Screw With Continuity

kingdom come
In 1989 Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola's Gotham By Gaslight tale, transplanting Batman from his regular setting of modern era Gotham city to a Victorian age where he hunted Jack The Ripper, ignited... more

10 Villains We Want To See In ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’

10 Villains Fans Want To See In Batman Arkham Origins
The Batman Arkham series has been credited as the best Batman game series ever made. Rocksteady studios did what no one thought was possible: create a good 3D Batman game. The Batman series has... more

6 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics (12-07-13)

6 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics (12-07-13)
Ed’s note: Hi there avid comic book readers, welcome to Neil’s ‘Best Bits’, a nostalgic look back at last weeks ‘best bits’ in comics (in Neil’s humble opinion) . We’ve left it... more

The Dark Knight Inspiring: Why Sick Kids Are Safer In The Batcave

The Christopher Nolan Batman series might be over, but the Dark Knight still holds power in the imagination of children and adults all over the world. Until the next Caped Crusader movie arrives,... more

5 Reasons ‘Batman’ May Be A Figment Of Bruce Waynes Death Dream

For many years Bruce Wayne as Batman has kept the streets of Gotham safe. He witnessed his parents murder in an alley at the hands of Joe Chill. He took on the cape and cowl to become Batman. Batman,... more

12 Movie – TV & Comic Book Cross-Overs We’d Love To See

Over the years cross-over events have been staple in comics, whether they be among the superhero fraternity (Avengers/JLA), the various Movie franchises (Alien Vs Predator Vs Batman etc.) or... more

What If Batman And Spider-Man Combined?

What If Batman And Spider-Man Combined?
Batman and Spider-man are consecutively the two top selling characters from both DC and Marvel, and lets face it; probably the two most iconic characters of all time (with the exception of... more

5 Movie/TV Mash Ups That Are Too Hip For Hipsters

ceres-oz-by-tv-series-203329 (1)
I’m fairly comfortable with not being as young as I used to be. I’m even more comfortable being a cantankerous shite of a man, but I haven’t always been. I used to have at least a passing... more

Batman Vs Superman In Song

batman vs superman
'Who would win between Batman and Superman in a fight?' is a persistent argument in the geek community. Batman would out-think Supes and kick his ass with Kryptonite is the popular answer (Hell,... more

13 Slices Of Nerd Culture Street Art

darth vader street art
Street Art can turn a bland corner or a run down wall into something splendid for the eye to behold. With the prolific rise of geek culture beating down the doors of the mainstream and permeating... more

7 Best Bits From Last Weeks Comics

Ed's note: If you've not read Neil's 'Best Bit's' before then...shame on you! WTF is wrong in your life! But other than that, you should know that we've left it until now to discuss these awesome... more

The Joker II Creepy As Hell Digital Sculpt (Worse Than The First One!)

Not so long ago we gave you a look at K4LLO's incredibly disturbing digital sculpt of The Joker from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's recent run on Batman, and boy was it creepy and disturbing. But it... more