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5 Reasons Batman Is A Terrible Hero (But We Love Him Anyway)

5 Reasons Batman Is A Terrible Hero (But We Love Him Anyway)
Since he first appeared as a Bat-winged, pulp inspired (and notably gun wielding) crime fighter in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939 - Batman, created by Bob Kane and fleshed out to the degree that... more

Crocheted Bane Mask (I Know, Amazeballs!)

There have been some pretty sweet crocheted items lately, what with a full woolen Gimli LOTR dwarf helmet and beard and some Star Wars related snoods , but this latest effort is definitely the... more

Awesome Stop Motion Animated Short BATMAN:THE DARK KNIGHTFALL Pits BATMAN against The Joker And Bane

stop motion - batman -dark knightfall
With the release of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises today, we thought we'd post this amazing little stop motion animated Batman short, Batman: The Dark Knightfall. Remember when you were a... more


bat man of shanghai
There have been quite a few Elseworld's incarnations of Batman. We've had Gotham by Gaslight which showed The Caped Crusader in the Victorian Era. He's become a vampire. He's teamed up with Tarzan.... more

5 Ways The Dark Knight Rises Really Pisses Off Comic Fans

Comic fans are notoriously difficult to please when it comes to film adaptations. Deviate too much from the source material and directors are accused of spitting in the fans’ faces. Don’t add... more

Is Rush Limbaugh An Idiot And Is Christopher Nolan Being Too Nice To Rabid Fans?

Christopher Nolan batsignal
Well the first reviews for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises have started coming in (and I'm avoiding them like the plague) but there has already been some backlash towards reviewers who have... more

DARK KNIGHT RISES Imax And BANE Grunge Posters

The new Dark Knight Rises Imax Poster is out showing Bat's caught in a transcendent beam of light, that some notorious rumor mongers will probably speculate means he's going to die and go up to... more

Artist of the week: Abe Yoshitoshi (AB), Creator of Serial Experiments Lain and Haibane Renmei

YoshitoshiABe (Abe Yoshitoshi (AB)) is a Japanese artist who works mostly in anime and manga. His works are edgy and dynamic and he is famed for not using a ruler whilst drawing, which if you know... more

Batman’s Not Scared….He’s Angry In New Trailer For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (Spoilers)

dark knight rises poster
A new trailer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises has been released and it looks like Bane and Batman's battle for Gotham is going to be epic! It's packed with new footage and has a few... more

Superhero Flash Drives: Batman, Bane, Superman, The Flash, The Boys Are All Here

Mimco have released a new set of designer USB flash drives and they are awesome. The new range features Batman and Bane from Dark Knight Rises, Superman and The Flash. What better way to store your... more

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES LEGO Trailer. Bane Look’s Even Chunkier Than Usual…

The Dark Knight Rises just got serious…also is Batman looking a little ‘blocky’ or is it just me? Check out the newest trailer below:... more

4 Epic New Banners For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Released.

Now I'm not usually too excited when I see new posters and banners being posted on the Internet but I havta admit that these new banners for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises are pretty... more

2 TV Spots For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Released…..With Some New Footage And Everything.

These are the first TV spots for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. I like how the first one focuses a little more on Bruce Wayne as most of the longer trailers have put the focus on Bane... more

BAD MOVIE BUCKET – EXPENDABLES 2 – Gina Carano In FAST 6 – Jessica Chastain For IRON MAN 3 – BANE Get’s Speech Therapy

Jessica Chastain To Become The 3rd Ginger In Iron Man What is it about Tony Stark and the gingers? (Pepper Potts, Natasha Romanov) Maybe like me, he has a ginger fetish and just can't get enough... more

Tom Hardy Discusses Bane’s Voice And The Inevitable Comparison To The Joker.

Let's face it. I think all of us are looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises. After The Dark Knight how could you not be excited. The movie was great and the acting was fantastic all round,... more

TDRK news: Christian Bale and Tom Hardy speak (Though not in their Batman movie voices so you should be able to understand them)

This scene in the movie features War's"Why can't we be Friends?" playing in the background Let's face it, we're after news on anything TDKR related like a junkie after scag. In an interview with... more

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – A Pre-emptive Retrospective

The Dark Knight Rises
After little more than a cursory glance around the unholy chambers of the Internet these days you’d be forgiven for thinking that “The Dark Knight Rises” is the second coming of Christ. The... more

Nolan and Bale discuss THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (Batcave/ Batman/Occupy Wall Street/Bane’s voice)

Eric Charbonneau
Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan and Christian Bale have been doing the rounds to promote The Dark Knight Rises (like it needs any more promoting, I think we're all pretty excited to see what... more