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DETOX Our FUTURE GREEN PEACE Does HUNGER GAMES Style Anime To Get the Message Across

I wasn't a fan of The Hunger Games, but clearly it made an impression on Environmentalist group Greenpeace as the organisation has released a new video as part of its ongoing Detox Our Future... more

ANIME Short: “NEXT A-Class“ Comes From None Other Than Mercedes-Benz?

Marketing in Japan is, shall we say a bit less shit and boring than in the West, and so when Mercedes-Benz decide they want to sell their next car model the manufacturer partners with anime studio... more

CULT ART: Susie’s Artist Of The Day, Mintchoco Treats SIN CITY To A Spot Of Anime

mintchoco sincity poster (3)
Japanese DeviantART artist, Mintchoco puts her anime-style stamp on SIN CITY. Mintchoco's portfolio of work is bubbly and fun. It ranges from seriously cute pictures of the Powerpuff Girls to... more

CULT ART: Susie Investigates Essential Post-Apocalyptic Anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion

neon genesis evangelion
To the Mechas, with love... Neon Genesis Evangelion (“NGE”) is a Japanese anime series created by Hideaki Anno. It is a very early example of a genre known as “sekai-kei” which meshes... more

STAR WARS Anime Style IMPERIAL Space Battle

Bleeding Cool scored the scoop on what I have to say is one of the most jaw dropping Star War vids I've seen in recent years, an anime themed Imperial space battle animated by Otaking77077 The... more

10 Best Anime-Style HARRY POTTER Pieces

harry_potter_anime_by_kaileyrox-d47lz9x - Copy (500x297)
JK Rowling's Potterverse Gets The Anime Treatment... Have you ever wondered what the Harry Potter books would have looked like if they had veered off of the route of live action and jumped on the... more

2 New TV Spots For Live Action RUROUNI KENSHIN Released

rurouni kenshin
ORO!?! I would have liked to be able to find the versions of these trailers with subtitles but unfortunately I had no such luck. On the bright side if you're a fan of the Manga/Anime you'll still... more

Artist of the week: Abe Yoshitoshi (AB), Creator of Serial Experiments Lain and Haibane Renmei

YoshitoshiABe (Abe Yoshitoshi (AB)) is a Japanese artist who works mostly in anime and manga. His works are edgy and dynamic and he is famed for not using a ruler whilst drawing, which if you know... more

NYCC: Marvel announces voice of BLADE

  The big news from Marvel's Anime panel at NYCC was the revelation of who will voice the Daywalker in the new animated series. The Vamp killer will be voiced by Harold Perrineau, star of... more

AKIRA: Kaneda inspired Biker Jacket

Akira With Bike_thumb2
In an awesome discovery from our pals over at Geek Tyrant  you can now purchase for the not exactly small fee of $1000 a Kaneda inspired biker jacket from cult classic AKIRA, and you don't even... more

‘Dragon Age’ Anime Preview Video

  'Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker' is an anime that Funimation are producing, based on the popular RPG 'Dragon Age', that will be released in 2012. Here's a little teaser of what to... more