Abigail Chandler

Feature Writer/Reviewer (Comics/ TV/ Film)


Abigail couldn’t decide which photo to use as her profile picture: Her as Marion Ravenwood in Raiders? With a Stormtrooper? A Cyberman? Wearing a Green Lantern power ring? Dressed as Zatanna? Dressed as Zatanna WITH A TARDIS? This dilemma should tell you all you need to know about Abigail (Who is also a blogger, journalist and script writer, and loves all things DC, Joss Whedon, Doctor Who and generally anything you’d class as nerdy).

She maintains that the owl carrying her invitation to Hogwarts was killed and eaten by her childhood cat Tribble, who was more than up to the task of taking out a large bird of prey.)’




Iyaa! My name is Connor, but online I tend to go by getzzzonked. I’m 21 years old and I’m a boat builder and teaching assistant in the South East of England.

I’m a PC enthusiast and gamer. Me and my gaming rig Beauty are tight, yo. I’ve played a lot of MMORPGs over the years, some at a quite high level (on the no-life scale) and even some FPSs at a competitive level. I spend most of time these days drooling over new PC parts, playing Guild Wars 2 and a fair bit of Battlefield 3.

I hope to use Bad Haven more and more to empty the contents of my overflowing brain into the internets, hopefully in a kind of abstract yet comprehensible way. Feel free to follow my Twitter @getzzzonked to ask me anything.

Gemma Johnston

 Feature Writer – Science/Sci-Fi/Movies/Games


Greetings Badhaven fans!  My name is Gemma.  My contributions to the site will be predominantly science-based; science news, scifi musings and facts that are just plain weird.  I’m also into my movies and gaming, so you may see occasional reviews from me also.  I am currently working on a Scifi novel, named Xibalba. (A Mayan word meaning “Place of Fear”) and hope to reach completion by the end of the year.


Kevin Lenaghan

Features Writer/Ranter (Games Specialist)

Who Am I?: I like to think of myself as a great instigator of change, chisselling away at the world, knocking off all the bad bits until only the great and wonderful is left behind. The truth is probably more that I am like some kind of blood gorged little parasitic tick, feeding off imperfection and impurity until I become so full that all I can do is wretch and weep.

These convulsions and tears generally come out of me in the form of venomous little diatribes, in which I whine about how things aren’t perfect and generally spit bile like a spoiled child who is threatening to hold his breath until he gets what he wants, and should probably go ahead and do it because the world is better off without hateful little goiters like myself. But you’ll just have to put up with me because I’m also terrifically stubborn and I fervently believe in my anger.

I usually write about what I reckon is wrong with the world of videogames, which is weird because I really like them. It’s probably some kind of pathological condition that is yet to be diagnosed.


Sasha Ferguson

Features Writer (Books/Films/TV)

My name is Sasha Jane Ferguson. I’m 21, from Belfast and I fancy myself as a bit of a writer.

I’m a massive fan of anything vampiresque, from Buffy  & Angel  when I was little, all the way to (more shamefully) Twilight  at present. I have a real fascination, as morbid as it sounds, with murders & gorey crimes;  Dexter & Criminal Minds  being a couple of my favourite programmes. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still a big girl.. actually a bit of an expert in all things sparkly, fluffy and cute.Puss in Boots  is my hero and the ducks from The Aristocats  still make me laugh my sparkly heels off. I enjoy a good old zombie shoot out on the Wii, but only when there’s no chance the zombies are gona get me     D:

I’m more of a Spyro Zelda Supermario  kind of gal. I’m a mega Mighty Boosh  fan but I think the  IT Crowd might just top the rest as my absolute favourite.

A few of my fav movies: Some Like It Hot, I Am Legend, Seven Pounds, Fightclub, The Shawshank Redemption, Goodfellas, Pineapple Express, Blade, Underworld, Paranormal Activity, The Last King of Scotland

A few of my fav shows: The Mighty Boosh, Garth Marenghis Darkplace, Peepshow, IT Crowd, Xena, Quantum Leap, Monk, Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI, Dexter, Frasier, Desperate Housewives, Weeds, Sons of Anarchy, Buffy, Angel, Family Guy, American Dad 

I hope you enjoy reading my work!
Good morning, That’s a nice Tnetemba.  xx


Amy Poole

Reviewer Movies/Games/Books/Graphic Novels



Hey, I’m Amy A.K.A.  LittleTitch. I’m a tax sponging English student at with aspirations to teach. In the meantime I waste my time watching copious amounts of films and playing various computer/video games. Spent most of my gap year playing Warcraft (for the Horde bitches), but got bored and now mostly play Guild Wars 2, any game of Sims I can get my hands on and, when nothing else presents itself, Fable 2/3 for the 50th time.

I also read a lot. A lot. Branching into comics when I can afford/scrounge them, mostly Deadpool. DeadpoolDeadpoolDeadpool. And Xmen, cos I was brought up in the 90s and it was the best cartoon on the TV.


Ryan Blaney

Features Writer, Reviewer


I’m Ryan, I’m a sprightly twenty-four year old, and I’m ginger.

You want more? What is this, fucking Parkinson?

Okay, I’ve got dreams of becoming a writer (he writes, ironically, as he can’t come up with anything as clever as everyone else on this page). I’ve written short stories, not so short stories, some fan-fiction, a screenplay and, once or twice, the odd poem.

I’m a fully fledged, out and proud, card carrying nerd. I’m a Marvelite, a Ringer, a Browncoat, a Whovian, and just an all-round fan of genre television (if you haven’t watched Being Human, go off right now and do that. Go!)

I’ve been reading comics for about five years now, before that I was mainly into the Lord of the Rings, and before that, Pokemon. My favourite authors and biggest inspirations in my writing have to be David Gemmel, J.R.R Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Stephen King, Dick King Smith, Mark Millar, Flann o’Brian and Roald Dahl.

I was about to include J.K. Rowling, but then, how shit was Order of the Phoenix?

I Love a bit of Xbox time, particularly, the Call of Duty series, Rock Band, Dragon Age 1 & 2, and more recently, Skyrim. If Tron ever becomes possible, I hope to god they can transport me there.

Russell Tovey, the creator of Being Human and one of the writers on Doctor Who told me at Kapow last year:

“Just write. Write every idea that comes into your head. Just write and write and write. 99% of what you’ll write will be rubbish, but just write it anyway, because that’s how you find your voice.”

So that’s what I’m here to do and happy for the opportunity.


Charles “Voska” Grimdown

Features Writer/Ranter (Films/TV/Games)

(Despair is his middle name. In Russian)

A cripplingly grumpy man; imagine his gratitude when the Bad Man offered the chance to shout obscenities into the internet instead of at the moon like he used to do. Hopefully It will mean he’s not arrested again. At least, not for public order offences. An avid horror, Sci-Fi and comedy movie fan as well as x-box underachiever; Charles will be casting his critical eye and blindly flailing with his opinion axe at all sorts of random crap for your and his own entertainment.

“My Subjects of choice include Certain comics (Preacher, Batman, Transformers G1,) Movies, TV Comedy (Sealab, Arrested Development, Archer, 30 Rock, Metalocalypse, Larry Sanders) Stand up comedy (primarily the holy trinity of Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks and Mitch Hedberg) Video Games, HP Lovecraft (both the writer and the ancient brown sauce erotica), Misanthropy and Heavy Metal”

Worryingly obessed with Bioshock; and having thought he had happened upon an ADAM slug, he once tried to harness its power to be able to allow himself to create fire by clicking his fingers. Turned out it was a prophylactic full of jam and he wound up looking like a sticky Elvis Impersonator with a serious beard. Undeterred; he keeps digging.

Things he dislikes include hipsters, cybergoths, dubstep, reality TV, anything to do with dancing, and nearly everyone he has ever met in his entire life. If he didn’t play Metal in his spare time; chances are he’d be even more unbearable.

He very nearly decided to use simply “Voska” on its own as his handle, till it occurred to him that it sounded like someone trying to sneeze the word “Vodka,” and he’s really more of a whiskey man.


Gareth Watson

Features Writer/Reviewer/Bad Haven Graphic Designer (Films/Comics/TV)

I’m not sure exactly how it came to be but at some point during my childhood I found myself collecting the weekly editions of the Marvel UK Transformers comics from my local newsagents, or rather my parents were on my behalf.

I’m not sure why they felt this was a good idea although it doesn’t take too much of a stretch to think that a young boy might be interested in giant Transforming robots and I am eternally grateful to my parents both for giving me life and for introducing me to what would go on to become one of my favourite franchises of all time.

From there I fell into all of the usual things a boy growing up in the 80s would be into, Thundercats, The Real Ghostbusters, Galaxy Rangers, Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors, Centurions, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek The Next Generation and so on. It wasn’t until my innocent eyes watched Aliens for the first time that my mind was truly blown by what science fiction really  had to offer. A film that I was reluctant to watch based on a fear whose origin I can’t explain would go on to become my favourite film of all time and serve as a root to my love of things military and things science fiction.

Combine the two and you’re pretty much made my day. Without a doubt Aliens laid the foundations that would lead to me  appreciating shows such as Babylon 5, SeaQuest DSV, Space: Above & Beyond and Battlestar Galactica among many.

I was even there during the big anime boom of the early 90s. Back when Manga Video first hit the shelves and I was able to buy Akira after reading a few issues of Manga Mania (seriously does anyone remember that other than me?).

Let’s just say that Legend of The Overfiend was a real eye opener! I had since fallen out of favour with the genre but thanks to Netflix I am starting to find shows that really interest me. Shows with giant robots and military conflict no less!

So what about now? Well I’m happily married to my wonderfully tolerant wife, living in Northern Ireland with two amazing daughters. I am paid to do my hobby for a living (web design) during the day and by night if I’m not spending time with the family I’m either working on stuff for Bad Haven, drawing some Transformers related piece of art or hitting the mats for a spot of Jiu Jitsu. In between all of that I might, just might, be watching something nerdy on the television set.

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Man’s man, ladies man, The BAD MAN is the founder and Senior Editor of BAD When he’s not expunging his soul of inflammatory opinions in cathartic angry editorials he can be found indulging his novel writing habit, power lifting elite or enthusiastically petting cats. His other hobbies include all aspects of nerdism, travel, drinking tea and dispensing social justice in a wet suit he ordered off e-bay.

To paraphrase Seth Gecko: He’s a bastard. But he ain’t a fucking bastard.