VENUS Storms: Polar Super Vortex. A Storm So Big It Could Swallow Earth Whole!

Posted on: November 29th, 2012

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We’ve all seen A Perfect Storm or The Day After Tomorrow and any number of Hollywood disaster movies, but what’s currently happening on Venus makes all that look seriously small potatoes. The below images are composites taken by NASA’s Cassini probe of Saturn’s north pole earlier this week and the enormous storm that dominated it. Described as a monster cyclone, which is estimated to meausure up to 4,000 kilometers across (2,500 miles) the vortex would span the equivalent distance between New York City and Los Angeles and also sits at the center of a jet stream that dominates the upper latitudes of the planet, forming the shape of a hexagon 25,000 kilometers wide. That’s large enough to accomodate four Earths.

And with that it’s official; I just dropped a live load of HOLY FUCK! All over these pics. Talk about a shot of perspective!

Check them out below:



Source: Geekosystem

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