The Largest Dinosaurs Still Had Really Small Brains (The Size Of Tennis Balls) According To New Research

Posted on: January 25th, 2013

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Analyzing the skull of 70-million-year-old fossils of the giant dinosaur Ampelosaurus, discovered in 2007 in Cuenca, Spain, researchers have discovered what we pretty much knew anyway; their brains were tiny, about the size of a tennis ball, and they were consequently stupid as f*ck!

The  Ampelosaurus was a sauropod, long-necked, long-tailed herbivores that were the largest creatures ever to stride the Earth and were known more specifically as titanosaur’s due to the armorlike scales covering their bodies (DinoRiders spring to mind for anyone else? No? Never mind…).


According to researcher Fabien Knoll, a paleontologist at Spain’s National Museum of Natural Sciences:

“This saurian may have reached 15 meters (49 feet) in length; nonetheless its brain was not in excess of 8 centimeters (3 inches),”

And regards how they functioned with such minuscule brains, fellow researcher Lawrence Witmer instead posits:

“Maybe we should flip that question on their end — maybe we shouldn’t ask how they could function with tiny brains, but what are many modern animals doing with such ridiculously large brains. Cows may be triple-Einsteins compared to most dinosaurs, but why?”

Cows as triple Einstein’s eh? I’d never really thought of it like that, but they are genius’s by comparison. Which leads me to the obvious question that we all must know the answer to lest we suffer from a rut of sleepless nights: Cow Vs Ampelosaurus in high stakes game of Battleship with the future of Dino kind hanging in the balance!


Okay, that sounded better in my head….

For more indeth details on the story you can check them out here at LiveScience

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