12 Nerdiest Moments Of 2012

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Posted on: December 29th, 2012

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Well, 2012 happened and unsurprisingly, it was more engrossing than it’s movie namesake. Without going into too much detail, some of the events covered in the news this year have ranged from spectacular to tragic. All in all, it’s been a memorable year.

But without a shadow of a doubt, this has been the Year of the Nerd. We got the best of everything this year; films, games, comics, television… and in many cases, they surpassed expectation. That said, these past twelve months have also been littered with it’s own fair share of controversy and incidents that have set forums and comments sections ablaze the world over.

So without further ado, great mates, I present to you The 12 Nerdiest Moments of 2012. Please note that these are measured in terms of their significance on geekdom as a whole, as well as the amount of outcry they received from nerds everywhere when they happened:





mark millar and grant morrison


The biggest frenemies in the comic book industry had quite a year. The Scottish writers are notorious for being less than civil towards each over for years, despite coming from similar backgrounds and having equal success in their fields. In 2012, things elevated. Morrison, on the 25th October, received an MBE for his services to film and literature from Prince Charles (the fact that he once depicted the Queen as nude and humiliated in one of his books mustn’t have come up). Many of his fans view this as a sell-out by an author who has always been fairly anti-establishment, but it’s great to see a comic book writer get this kind of recognition, even if it was mostly in relation to his stage work.

That same month, Millar was announced as the “creative consultant” For Fox’s Marvel films. Which means he will oversee the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises and make sure they don’t suck. What cracks me up so much about this news is that, a year or two ago, Mark Millar predicted a decline in superhero films after the release of “The Avengers”. I’m reserving judgement on this one; Millar did write the greatest Wolverine story of all time, but if he fucks up the sequel to X-Men: First Class, I’ll never forgive him. The moral of the story is: Scottish writers: offer them something shiny and watch them eat their words.




wonder woman and superman kiss


After years of fanboy deliberating and non-canon hook ups in the likes of Red Son and Kingdom Come, the definitive “power” couple officially became an item this year in the pages of Justice League #12. With DC’s head honcho’s assuring us that this is for real, it remains to be seen where the characters can go from here. Anybody who’s ever watched a sitcom knows the “will they-wont they” dynamic is only enthralling until they actually resolve it. So lets hope they have a game plan behind this move, and it wasn’t just a shot at boosting the New 52’s flagging sales.

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