Susie’s 20 NERDY Things To Buy Or Make – If Your Pockets Are Lined With Gold

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Posted on: September 3rd, 2012

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The internet is a dangerous place, not just because it is rife with porn and scary conservatives ranting about scary conservative stuff and the various religious and mystic figures holding twitter hostage with their mad tweets (Dalai Lama you are exempt, as you are a very awesome dude and I love Buddhist monks)


Especially this one!

… In fact, the porn is really not that scary (well unless you count some of the very scary stuff that popped up on my tumblr dashboard the other day…but that is a WHOLE other story) – So what I am trying to say is that it is pretty much just the conservative ranting and the crazy Wizard of Oz escapees trying to get you to join various cults through the power of their tweets that ups the ante on net scare levels.

Anyway, onto my point, the internet is dangerous for me (above reasons aside) as on my many searches (mostly on Pinterest) I come across various nerdy delights that I lust after and feel the need to own. But being a little, how should we put it,  ‘fiscally challenged’  right now, lusting is all I will be doing. Which can be a little bit depressing on occasion as I do like to treat myself with cupcakes and items of the nerdy persuasion.

Below are some very awesome nerdtastic buys that I would snap up if my pockets were lined with gold (and not holes…which I am guessing is where a lot of my money has been disappearing off to). Along with the stuff to buy, there are a few items that for the broke-ass peeps like me can make, or at least attempt to make, if they fancy a challenge!

Now a lot of this awesome stuff is not exactly going to break you financially (though the Totoro bed…yes that is on the list and it is amazeballs, will make your credit card hurt in ways it didn’t know possible) but I know it all seems expensive when you are hurting for the good kind of money (that doesn’t belong inside a Monopoly box). Also this list is in no particular order, cos I want it all! Mwaha ha ha ha <–this is my evil laugh, I am not sure why I felt the need to add it, but for some reason, in my mind the occasion led itself to a bit of an evil chuckle on my part…

Anways…onto the list:


1. Hobbit Slippers


Hobbit Slippers

Who doesn’t need a pair of giant slippers to keep your feet nice and toast in hairy hobbit fashion?

2. Alien Pez Dispenser

Alien Pez Dispenser

What better way to eat your candy than from the mouth of an Alien Queen?

3. Pillow Fight Weapons

Pillow Fight Weapons

Do you love a good ‘Pillow Fight’? Well do it in style with some awesome pillow weapons.

4. Chewie Mask

Chewie Mask

“OHHH… What A Wookie!!!” Who doesn’t need a Chewie mask? I mean seriously, it is nearly Halloween (by nearly I totally mean pretty much 2 months away…)

5. ‘Thrill Murray’ A Bill Murray Colouring Book

Bill Murray Colouring Book

If you love Bill Murray get this and have lots of awesome fun colouring him in.

6. Elf Ear Wraps

Elf Ear Wraps

Want to be an Elf but don’t have the pretty pointy ears? Well wrap these silver bad boys around your lobes and you will be Elvin in no time…I so kind  of want these…

7. Shwings


Put a little flight in your life – I actually own these (in Silver) and I can honestly say that they are ace. They look really cool and are very fun to wear.

8. DIY Superhero Masks

DIY Superhero Masks

Need a hero mask in a hurry? Why not make one. Check out the tutorial here.

9. R2-D2 Suitcase

R2-D2 Suitcase

Bored of your run of the mill suitcase? Why not try out this little bad boy…

10. DIY Bat Signal

DIY Bat Signal

Are you stuck at work? Do you need to be saved…by Batman? Why not call him with your very own DIY Bat Signal. Check out the tutorial here. Seriously though, if anyone actually manages to make this, can you let me know? As I really want one, but if I try I will likely create some kind of super bomb by accident…Eek!

11. Totoro Bed

Totoro Bed

When you watched ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ did you think: “My, that Totoro looks very comfy. I wish I could be the one snoozing on his belly” ? Well if like me, you thought exactly that, this bed could be for you…

12. I Heart Batman necklace

I heart Batman necklace

If you heart Batman, this one is for you.

13. Floppy Disk Cushion

Floppy Disk Cushion

Put a little friendly retro back in your life with this very fab cushion cover.

14. Shark Sleeping Bag

Shark Sleeping Bag

I don’t know what to say about this, except…this is fantastic and yes, I want one! (My Christmas list is getting kind of huge).

15. Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Treat yourself to a finely cut slice of ‘prime directive’ with this trektastic pizza cutter.

16. DIY Harry Potter Wands

DIY Harry Potter Wands

Feel a bit jealous of Harry Potter and the gang and want to get your ‘wingardium leviosa’ on? Well don’t fret, cos now you can. Check out this awesome tutorial here.  

17. DIY Steampunk Water Pistol

DIY Steampunk Water Pistol

Like Steampunk and Water Pistols, why not combine the two and make this little beauty? Check out the tutorial here.

18. Superhero Aprons

Superhero Aprons

Put a little bit of ‘Super’ into the kitchen, heck knows my kitchen needs it!

19. Knit it yourself Wonder Woman Jumper

wonder Woman Jumper

This looks super hard, but it would make for a great addition to any girls winter wardrobe. You can find the details for it here.

20. Tardis Cat Condo

Tardis Cat condo

And not wanting to be greedy and seeing how awesomely crazy it is…here’s a little something for the cat in your life (if you have one).

So does any of this take your fancy? What would you buy? Let me know in the comments section below! 

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  • Ambrosia Smoak

    I need the totoro bed. Is there a website for it?

  • Shannon

    Where can I by the batman friendship necklace?

  • susiemcbeth

    haha I am glad it is not just me being a greedy guts.

  • Grey

    Seriously how can anyone choose just one? I want, no I NEED them all! (Except the superhero mask, my son has 1 and yes I have borrowed it when he was out and no I’m not sorry lol). I love the slippers or the pillows or the wands or the suitcase, no I SERIOUSLY want them all, NOW!!!!!!

  • susiemcbeth

    Tony – I know isn’t the bed awesome! and I really want the Batman necklace, and the Elf ears and I weirdly really, really want the Bill Murray colouring book… Though you know, I actually want it all. Thanks for commenting :)

  • Tony Friery

    Totoro bed omg!! I would so have that :) not sure I could carry off the batman necklace or elf ears, but that doesnt make them any less cool!

  • susiemcbeth

    That would be super cool – it def wouldn’t be fair if only the cat got to take advantage of the tardis condo awesomeness – Thanks lots for commenting :)

  • Mac

    My kitten would look so damn cool in a tardis condo ( although id have to make it big enough for myself, i want to be cool too!)