SPACE INVADERS CHESS! Because Chess Isn’t Retro Enough Without Retro Gaming Aliens In It

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Posted on: February 5th, 2013

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You’re really coming at the ‘nerd’ thing from every angle when you’re playing chess with space invaders, and luckily NMI laser have merged 8-bit space invaders with the classic game of chess in the ultimate retro gaming board game that looks so damn good it makes me want to weep with retro joy.

NMI cut each piece with an epilog laser that snaps into the standing base that you can play on the (also) laser etched chess board. 

This is a kickstarter from the company, so this board hasn’t officially went into production until their target cashy money goal gets reached. Click the link if you want to support this happening, and check out the awesome a$$ set up below to see why:




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