SCIENTOLOGY Aliens Space Cathedral Uncovered (Disclaimer: May Be Bull Sh*t!)

Posted on: January 3rd, 2013

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Scientology eh? Whats not to love in this delightful faux religion created by  L. Ron Hubbard to make mega cash, cause celebrity’s to go insane on sofas and make Neil Gaiman the number one conspiracy theory in the whole comics community?

Oh yes, all of the above actually. Well okay, they claim to offers a precise path leading to a complete and certain understanding of one’s true spiritual nature and one’s relationship to self, family, groups, Mankind, all life forms, the material universe, the spiritual universe and the Supreme Being, but honestly, they’re just the Freemasons for celebrities with a hackneyed sci-fi origin, but hold on, I’m ranting off course.

So h’anyway, lately those cult infected by the  madness of King Ron have been spring-boarded back into the news with the uncovering of a secret bunker hidden deep within the deserts of New Mexico reported to be the “aliens space cathedral” of the Church of Scientology.

The site is marked by a large symbol etched onto the desert floor: two diamonds surrounded by a pair of overlapping circles, according to the British newspaper The Sun. A private airstrip, built to serve the controversial church’s leaders, is within walking distance of the symbol.

The entire complex is located near Mesa Huerfanita, N.M., roughly two-hour’s drive from Santa Fe, N.M., and three hours north of Roswell, N.M., site of numerous purported UFO sightings, according to The Sun.

All this according to British celebrity news rag The Sun’s John Sweeney, who is also the author of a new book on Scientology claiming it’s a big bag of sh*te (and rightfully so). Sweeney, claims the church designed the underground site to withstand a nuclear holocaust and that within the complex’s vaults are titanium caskets that hold gold disks inscribed with the original texts of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Now, seeing as how Sweeney writes for a sensationalist pseudo titty mag with a clear and rotten agenda it wouldn’t be surprising if this story was equally as BS as Scientology is in general, all in the name of selling books. That said the truth is often stranger than fiction and Scientology is a load of mad old sh*te, so who knows, this could be entirely legit.

According to the UK’s numero uno right wing propaganda rag The Daily Mail The symbols seen on the desert floor are reportedly there to help guide such Scientologists returning to Earth after fleeing the planet to escape a future “Armageddon,”

What absolute brain rotting madness. No wonder Tom Cruise was jumping on that sofa on Oprah. He’s clearly been driven mad by too much money and hours of staring contests to make him the ultimate Thetan, more powerful than Jesus!

The Church of Scientology has failed to respond to requests for comment and Sweeney’s new book “The Church of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology” (Silvertail Books), is scheduled to be published in January 2013.

‘Pinch of salt’ is all I’m saying.


Source: Live Science

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