Higgs Boson Particle Discovery Confirmed

Posted on: March 14th, 2013

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A new particle discovered at the world’s largest atom smasher last year has been confirmed today as the ‘Higgs boson’, the particle that is thought to explain how other particles get their mass.

The announcement came today=(March 14) by scientists at the annual Rencontres de Moriond conference in Italy, though Physicists had initially announced on July 4, 2012, that, with more than 99 percent certainty, they had found a new elementary particle weighing about 126 times the mass of the proton that was likely the long-sought Higgs boson.

The Higgs is often referred to as the “God particle,” and the mass of the Higgs boson is a critical part of a calculation that portends the future of space and time, which may, worst case scenario: prove we live in an unstable universe and ultimately predict our end.

The particle has the mass of 126 times the mass of the proton and is just about what would be needed to create a fundamentally unstable universe that would lead to a cataclysm billions of years from now.

Of the initial two experiments, CMS and ATLAS, hadn’t collected enough data to say for sure that the particle was the Higgs boson, but after collecting two and a half times more data inside the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) — where protons zip at near light-speed around the 17-mile-long (27 kilometer) underground ring beneath Switzerland and France it has been cofirmed that the particle is indeed the Higgs, which means in our far flung future our universe may be destined for doom. Which is all good news then isn’t it….

Source: LiveScience

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