NERD WEAR: The 8 Fashion Items To Keep You Warm This Winter

Posted on: December 19th, 2012

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It’s coming into Winter and Christmas is only a stones throw away, so BAD HAVEN decided to look at some essential nerd wear for all ya’ll nerdy bastards (who are hard to buy for at the best of times), that is both geek-tacular, but also functional. Because we don’t go in for any of that purely superficial sh*t on here, oh no. Well okay, we do. Just not in this article.

But enough rambling, lets get started.

Picture it (unless you live in the Bahama’s you probably don’t have to): It’s cold outside (and there’s no kind of atmosphere?), you need something to keep your head warm, and a scarf just wont cut it. You need:


The Crocheted Dwarf Helmet And Beard



Made courtesy of DeviantARTist SadDaysCrochet you may look like a strange middle earth hermaphrodite if your a girl, but hey; at least you’ll be warm.

Source: Geekologie

But if you don’t want to look like a beardy cavern dweller why not try:


Boba Fett Crochet Hat


Notably the Boba Fett Crochet Hat also comes in Tusken Raider:



Source: MTVGeek


So you got the head covered, now it’s time to give you’re bod some love. We recommend:


The Green Arrow Hoodie


Now you too can look like a knock off of Ollie Queen and be warm in the process. We’ll reasonably (I dunno if the hoodies padded)

Source: FashionablyGeek


But that’s all good for going out to tackle the cold, but what about sitting in. Well hows about:


Adventure Time Jake And Finn Onesies



Yeah sure, that works, and while we’re on the topic of onesies:


The Dark Knight Rises Sleeved Blanket:



A blanket that looks like Batman. And has sleeves. Also hides nerd boners like the one you’ve got right now…..

So what about something to keep you’re little geeky feets warm?

Check these bad boys:


Doctor Who Socks



You can now make the cotton effigy of Matt Smith smell your kippers with these right here. Euuugh! Turnips….

So that’s head to foot wear covered, but there’s also the essential super warm, super woolly jacket that you need in order to ensure that you could stand about in Hoth and not be cold in it, and that is:


Furry Chewbacca Hoodie



Nothing says warmer than a Wookie. Well, okay, maybe the…


Star Wars Ecko Jackets




Which you can find a full selection of over here

So now all that’s left to do it say thanks BAD HAVEN, for sorting out my Christmas….. Oh, you guys. Making me blush like that :)



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