20 Film Posters And Scenes Recreated Using LEGO

the shining lego
Posted on: June 21st, 2012

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LEGO is awesome. I am not sure I can make it clearer than that, other than by sitting you down, pouring a box of it out in front of you and then leaving you to play for an hour or so. I guarantee that when I returned I would find you still playing, eyes glazed, intently clipping bricks together and building your own little universe. LEGO doesn’t just have to be for kids, in fact why should they have all the fun?

red lego brick

Now LEGO is not just a building tool for creative sprogs, it can be used for many things. For instance LEGO makes an excellent weapon. How many people have stepped on a LEGO brick with bare feet? I have and I can confirm it hurts like a mother – a floor covered with strategically placed bricks is a LEGO landmine. It can also be used for fixing wobbly tables, currency in poker games, spider traps (best not to ask me about that one as it seriously freaks me out) and it is the inspiration for some awesome video games and films. Best and most fun of all though (in my opinion) is LEGO art (though in all honesty you can’t really beat a good play session).

Nathan Sawaya blue body lego

There are so many awesome pictures on the web of LEGO art and it amazes me what people manage to come up with, proving that if you have imagination, some LEGO and a camera, the possibilities are limitless. From creating your very own fight scene to recreating a movie poster, there is so much you can do.

I have collected 20 images below of what film would be like if LEGO got its knobbly little bricks all over it. Enjoy!


inception lego


ET lego

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

lego prometheus


Alien lego


inception lego


clockwork orange lego

A Clockwork Orange

300 lego


Lego Social Network

The Social Network

the shining lego

The Shining

jaws lego


xmen lego

X-Men First Class

The ring lego

The Ring

true grit lego

True Grit

akira lego


Star wars lego

Star Wars

Dune Lego


james bond lego

James Bond

simpsons lego

The Simpsons Movie

back to the future lego

Back to the Future

toy story 3 lego

Toy Story 3


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  • grey

    Another fan article and that’s coming from someone who spent 3 hrs building a lego batman set today!
    I think I like the back to the future one best :)

  • Tony Friery

    Wow, some great Lego movie covers there!
    Gotta agree about the joys of Lego – spent many an hour with my little girl “helping her” to build stuff ;)