The Extremely Scary Corpse In Elevator Prank A.K.A. Zombie Granddad

Posted on: December 5th, 2012

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Dubbed the extremely scary corpse in elevator prank, this Brazilian prank TV show clip may be incredibly cruel to the unwitting participants, as not one of them gets away without screaming hysterically and possibly scatting their fresh drawers, but it is also some of the funniest comedy entertainment I’ve seen in a while.

The first prank was a ghost girl who crawled out of a hatch in a fake elevator when the lights flickered off and then back on to put the shits up the victims of the prank, but the second prank courtesy of zombie granddad definitely garners the stronger reactions as the people stuck in the lift with his reanimated corpse literally scream in terror trying to escape. I’ve embedded both below. Heelarious:

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