Taekwondo Spider-Man Kicks All The Ass (And I Mean ‘ALL’ Of It)

Posted on: March 15th, 2013

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With recent exceptions aside (Phoenix powered Colossus and Doc Ock), Spider-Man is one of those comic book heroes who never really takes an ass-whooping in a fight, cos he’s so damn spry, witty and has some lighting quick beat down moves to go with his super sticky webbing. He’s tougher than an anvil and faster than a whippet, and you’d best believe he has Spider-Fu moves coming at you like greased lightning!

Now, imagine what that super-quick bad-assery would look like in real life minus the slicked up CGI. It’d look like some good old fashioned lo-fi chop sockey ass kicking, that’s what. And the Taekwondo Spider-Man below is easily one one of the most amazing athletes to ever fill out the webs.

Check this amazeballs flips and fight moves vid out below:

Source: Geekologie

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