10 Step Guide To Supervillain World Domination

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Posted on: July 5th, 2012

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Did you wake up this morning reach for your Deathstar blue prints and decide that you need more garbage units as ‘mwah ha ha’ they are all the better to crush unsuspecting visitors with? Did you do this from within the depths of your secret lair whilst being waited on hand and foot by minions?


Professor X and Magneto

Do you have a not so friendly rivalry with your do-gooding best friend of many years who just can’t seem to stop him/herself from ‘saving’ the world?


harly quinn

Do you have an insanely hot girlfriend who’s wardrobe consists mainly of lingerie but who is more crazy than she is hot?

Or are you crushing on some angelic, sweet natured yet hot librarian type that just happens to be your nemesis’ current love monkey? Or do you have a confusing infatuation with a noble, muscle-hugging suit-clad man on the other side of the hero fence?



More importantly do you own a  cat and a have a seriously evil laugh?.. and I am not talking a slightly dodgy chuckle. I am talking, full-on roaring sinister laugh. If your answers to these questions are yes, then you might just be a Supervillain.


So You Want To Be A Supervillain?

If your answer was no, or if you feel you are more of a villain in training then read on for our ‘how to’ guide to supervillainy and find out how to grab your city, world, universe by the short and curlies. You are a few easy steps away from being able to lean out of the car window and shout ‘owned’ at innocent pedestrians. One day soon you will be their leader…

What’s that you say…you don’t have superpowers? Don’t panic, I will let you in on a fairly well known secret – I know being fairly well known kind of defeats the purpose of it being a secret, but I am still gonna refer to it as that because I am liking the fact that it feels all conspiratory.

The fact is, to be a Supervillain, you don’t actually need superpowers. Though if you have fallen in a vat of toxic substance recently, or if you are a mutant, or an alien with crazy-assed powers, I am not going to lie…it will give you a slight edge. That being said though, for those of us lacking in the power department the following steps should even out the playing field:

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  • http://www.atwinadventure.com/ Susie McBeth

    Sharks with laser beams… *pfft* that is so 2009. I think you will find that it is all about Piranhas this year

  • grey

    Don’t forget the ‘sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their frickin heads’ the king of death traps for sure lol