CGI Short Sees CATZILLA Attack A City…. You Must Flee!

cgi short - catzilla attacks a city
Posted on: January 2nd, 2013

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I think all cat owners know that our feline friend will one day rise up against us to take over the world (they just have that look about them don’t they, always calculating). Directors Bartlomiej Kik and Jakub Jablonski (from Plastic Demoscene Group) must have figured that out too and have created Catzilla. A pretty amazing CGI short which features a cat (who you just know is called something like “Mr Fluffypants”) attacking a city…. that is, after becoming Catzilla, growing to the size of a building and learning how to shoot lasers from it’s eyes. Considering my cat has just figured out where her food is and keeps sneaking off with it to eat while she lounges on her bed, I’m already on the alert for the next stage of her plan.

With Pacific Rim still tantalisingly far away I have to say that this has briefly sated my desire to see a giant monster rampaging through a city. The fact that the CGI animation is beautiful and the soundtrack suits what’s is happening onscreen perfectly just add to the whole experience. Plus, the ending did make me chuckle.

Check out Catzilla below:

 Catzilla is our latest project to date. It’s a realtime PC benchmark that will get all the juices from your PC. Finally we had some time to make a proper demo. It was made with a nice collaboration with Platige Image. We did the code, they did the art. The music was made exclusively by Bent ‘subsquare’ Stamnes. Thanks for watching!


Anyone wish Cartman was around to tell Catzilla “No Kitty. That’s a bad Kitty”. Now all that is left to do is wait for footage like this to start appearing in the news. Make sure you visit Plastic Demoscene Group’s Vimeo page for more info on the short and a look at their future projects. I’m thinking these are guys we’ll be hearing from again in the future.

So, do you think your cat is a wannabe Catzilla in waiting? Will you ever trust those feisty felines again? Let us know in the comments section.


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