Captain Kirk Invades The 85th Annual Academy Awards

Posted on: February 25th, 2013

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This clip has already done quite a bit of business on the net today, but we’d be loathe if we didn’t join in in celebrating Bill Shatner’s return as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk via time travel from the 23rd century to intervene in the 85th Annual Academy Awards.

His mission: to prevent Oscar Host Seth McFarlane from ruining the show and doing a terrible ceremony was executed when Kirk enlightened Seth as to just how things might have went with a series of clips of the ceremony had it played out uninterrupted (by Kirk), that he’d brought back in time with him.

Having watched this a few times now, I can only really repeat what everyone else has said repeatedly already: Bill Shatner’s the f**king Man!

Here’s the clip below:

Source: TheDailyMotion Via Blastr

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