3D Jurassic Park Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment (About Time Too!)

Jurassic-Park 3d
Posted on: April 2nd, 2013

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In case I’ve not taken the time to rant about it before, I just want to make it known that with the novelty exception that was Avatar, 3D is a load of old cobblers. That and the whole 3D experience hurts the bridge of my nose from having to wear those goddamn glasses. So imagine my delight when Jurassic Park, a movie I loved as a child, got converted.

You’ll have to stretch hard to imagine my delight, because there was none. I was all like: WHYYYYYYYYY!!!! Why bother with a needless conversion? 3D was novel for about 5 minutes in the 80′s, so it baffles me that people, especially big wigs like James Cameron, think it’ll catch on again. WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Then I calmed down and forgot about it, until this ‘Honest Trailers’ take on the film, of a film that will remind you of the film that you once loved, that was Jurassic Park.

Check it:

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