Hot Nerds In BAD HAVEN T-Shirts? Finally!!!

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Posted on: February 25th, 2013

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If your a regular reader on BAD HAVEN you may or may not be aware that we have a merch section at the bottom of the site (well placed, I know) where you can buy a variety of T-Shirts, Hoodies, Baseball shirts and even a BAD HAVEN G-string (Don’t worry, I’m currently working on a new Banana Hammock range guys).



Now of all the people who have purchased our BH merch, no ones ever sent in a photo of themselves before. Especially not a hottie like Bernadette below. Wearing our BH T-shirt! That’s right, we finally got some hot nerd cred. Can I get a booyah?



Bernadette is a full on card carrying geek and when she’s not Cosplaying as She-Ra she’s hanging with Ireland’s premiere Star Wars Costuming legion, The Emerald Garrison. And she likes BAD HAVEN enough to wear our t-shirt.

Thanks Bernadette, for making us look good!

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  • Bernadette

    Thanks guys! Glad you like it :D