Posted on: April 4th, 2012

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Emerald City Comic Con took place just recently, and while we’d love to have went, sadly as I’ve formerly mentioned we’re not allowed out of Ireland due to that time we did this out in public…

Well okay, it might have been slightly more than one time...

The fallout from this, is that we have to look up all the awesome Cosplay that we love so much online as opposed to being there to see it ourselves.

Below is a gallery of some of the best stuff we found, and before you look might I just say that Thor is so much better looking as a girl, though just like Kathy Bates in Misery, I’d still never trust a woman with a giant mallet.

Anyway, here’s the gallery below for you to enjoy:

Source: CBM



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  • http://susiemcbeth.blogspot.co.uk Susie McBeth

    Yep they are gorgeous (& I am not biased at all) – mini superheroes in training.

  • http://susiemcbeth.blogspot.co.uk Susie McBeth

    Ha ha I love this – this makes me want to get into some Cosplay gear and roam the streets of Hebden Bridge. Though the residents I am guessing would not be that surprised as I am usually in the get up of cat eared hats and paws – but still it would def be fun. My baby twins spend most of the time in their Supergirl and Batman suits (which I am secretly v. jealous of) so I don’t see the problem of me getting into character a la neon genesis evangelion or maybe some Fire Star… hmmm

    • Bad Man

      I saw your twins in costume on your blog, the wee cutie pies :)