CULT ART: Susie’s Artist Of The Day, Mintchoco Treats SIN CITY To A Spot Of Anime

mintchoco sincity poster (3)
Posted on: October 20th, 2012

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Japanese DeviantART artist, Mintchoco puts her anime-style stamp on SIN CITY.

Mintchoco’s portfolio of work is bubbly and fun. It ranges from seriously cute pictures of the Powerpuff Girls to gaming art, covering the likes of Pikmin and Metroid.

Her artworks pop with bright colours and make an instant statement. I particularly like her take on Sin City (the print I have featured below). She focuses on ‘the goddess’ Goldie and she draws her like one too.

You can checkout Mintchoco’s full portfolio here.

What other film posters would you like to see done in this style? 


Sin City by mintchoco


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