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fight club emiliano morciano (500x335)
Posted on: October 23rd, 2012

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I really love film fan art. Seeing an artist’s take on a much loved movie is always fun as there is always a new and unique viewpoint to be had. Italian artist, Emiliano Morciano does just that, which is why he is my artist of the day.

His style of digital painting and airbrushing gives the subjects an almost unearthly feel with their overly smooth complexions and the seamless blend of colours. The characters are realistically rendered with facial expressions that are true to life. His subtle use of colour creates the kind of effect that evokes a kind of realism, whilst still keeping the overall effect deceptively soft.

There is also something fairly intense about his images. I think this is mostly to do with the look in his subjects eyes and the fact that he has managed to capture a moment from the film straight onto canvas.

Of the prints featured below, I would have to say that my favourite one is the Donnie Darko artwork. It conveys the underlying menace of the film as well as the fact that Darko seems to constantly be in another world. I also love the silhouette of Frank – who was one seriously disturbing bunny! That being said, I am pretty crazy about the Fight Club print as well. I love how he has captured the exact feel of the film and his renditions of Ed Norton and Brad Pitt are outstanding.

If you like Morciano’s artwork, you can view his full portfolio and buy his prints here and you can view his DeviantArt site here. I definitely recommend giving his links a click as his work is very fab.

What do you think? Which print is your favourite and what film would you like to see rendered in this style? Let me know in the comments section. 


Emiliano Morciano Taken

Emiliano Morciano Donnie Darko

Emiliano Morciano Fight Club

Emiliano Morciano 500 Days Of Summer


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  • Bijutoha

    I know he has a beautiful thought that makes his work too different from others. Specially in digital art work.

  • Kalyn Corrigan

    These are awesome!! My favorites are Fight Club and 500 Days of Summer. I’d love to see a True Romance portrait in this style!

    • susiemcbeth

      I like your style Kalyn – I think a True Romance one would be perfection. I would also love to see a Requiem For A Dream one :)
      Thanks lots for commenting