10 Examples Of Awesome Street Art

joker street art
Posted on: October 3rd, 2012

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Street Art Is Not Just About Graffiti.

It is about treating the world as a canvas and using that canvas as a form of expression… I say it is not just about graffiti, but it is about graffiti and a lot of other things such as performance, stencils, sculpture, installation and much more. It is art created in the public domain, a truly free space…or not so free depending on your opinion. In fact, the term Street Art is usually used in conjunction with un-Government sanctioned art works.


street art


It is a truly exciting genre of art. It can be anything and be by anyone. It can be a straight up amazing painting, an object or existing piece of artwork transformed into something new or even a piece of nature highlighted and used for a bolder purpose, (though these descriptions in no way exhaust the possibilities of what Street Art actually is, as the medium is so vast).


reboot universe street art


pencils street art


Not only is it exciting and beautiful, it is also powerful. Art has always been a good way of making a point or taking a stand and though it is not always about this, it is sometimes.

Street Art is a particularly powerful medium for making a statement and a very potent and interactive way to make contact with the general public. ‘Subvertising’ and ‘smart vandalism’ along with an array of other techniques are frequently used by artists as a way to raise awareness of social and political issues, though I stress that this is not the only reason it is created. Many artists see Street Art as a way to use urban spaces to reach a larger audience in a way that traditional spaces like a gallery or an arts cafe can not.

Now, I love a touch of geek with my art and the below 10 very awesome examples of Street Art that I have pulled together all have that.

What do you think? Which work is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below (my personal favourite is the Pac Man eating the road paint). 


joker street art

raphael street art

zombies street art

pac man street art

lego street art

spiderman street art

rubix cube street art

darth vader street art

noodle girl street art

zombies street art


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  • http://www.facebook.com/Fix06 Mark McCann

    I have severe ART BONER from how good this selection is. Eye wankingly delectable!

    • susiemcbeth

      I am glad it meets the Bad Man’s approval :) I think the selection is pretty damn special too