COSPLAY Of The Day: BETSY BRADDOCK Captain Britain Corps

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Posted on: December 10th, 2012

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While Besty Braddock is normally best known as the X-Men’s British Psychic in the body of Asian Assassin; Psylocke, she’s lesser known in her old body for her brief stint as Betsy Braddock Captain Britain in the late 80′s.

Betsy took over briefly when her brother Brian (the usual Cap) took time out to work with R.C.X. (another one of those big, bad do gooder organisation deals) and Given her own Captain Britain suit that enhanced her strength and gave her the ability to fly, along with her mutant psychic powers and training Betsy stayed Captain Britain up until a near fatal encounter with Slaymaster (what a shit name, I know) that nearly killed her.



The character would go onto to die and transfer her consciousness becoming Psylocke but I still always enjoyed the look of the Cap costume, which recently resurfaced in the current run on Uncanny X-Force.

Cosplayer Omusetta clearly liked it too, as her below outfit is a cracking ode to the old school Captain Marvel Betsy Braddock before she went psychic ninja:





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