Posted on: December 17th, 2012

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As Venom, Eddie Brock was best known for being bonded with an alien symbiote who’s former host was Spider-Man, spending a good deal of time trying to kill the wall-crawler, talking in the third person and going on a lot about eating brains. Eddie/Venom was one bad mother-f*cker though, and easily Spidey’s toughest nemesis (okay, maybe Carnage), though things went pretty horribly awry when Eddie got Cancer and the Symbiote left him for dead (it’s now loved up with no legged Flash Thompson).

So much for loyalty from alien costumes, the fickle bastards. But Eddie managed to survive in spite of the cancer and terrible separation anxiety, and would in another freaky fluke end up becoming nemesis to his former symbiotic pal, as the equally deadly Anti-Venom.



Anti Venom was created when the healing energies of Martin Li caused Eddies white-blood cells and the remaining traces of the Venom Symbiote still within his body to combine into a new suit composed of human/alien hybrid antibodies possessing powerful restorative abilities. Anti-Venom was toxic to Venom and thus Eddie set about kicking his former suits ass and getting back to being crazy as a bag of cut snakes. He later lost Anti-Venom, got bonded with the Toxin symbiote (the irony) and is now presumed dead (it was off panel though, so he’ll be back).

In the meantime here’s some cracking Anti Venom Cosplay from some dude we don’t know the name of as Anti-Venom. If you know who he is, please tell us though so we can credit him for being all sorts of frigging awesome!



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