10 Cosplayers Who Really Got Game

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Posted on: September 22nd, 2012

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“It’s in the game…”

Cosplay is quite often associated with getting your sexy on and dressing up as superheroes or characters from anime as well as for the reasons of (which happen to be more politically correct and probably true with at least circa 80% of cosplayers), paying homage to their favourite characters and artists (though I am betting a fair few of my wild guess of the 80% also enjoy getting their sexy on).

There are way too many women with their breasts on display, clad in barely there outfits, as well as tons of men clad in the tightest of pants etc. for me to think otherwise – But you know what? I say go for it. There is nothing wrong with getting your sexy on and putting it out there…plus, for the most part, I reckon it plays close to the truth of the character design. Anyway, let’s move on from my ‘Cosplay doesn’t have to be sexy and that’s not why everyone does it, but if you do happen to do it for that reason or at least partially or unintentionally and enjoy it, then go for it! There is no harm in a bit of sexy cosplaying fun’ speech.

Some of the best and most accurate cosplaying I have seen has been of characters from video games. The detail in the costumes, particularly armour and weapons, are generally outstanding and it is one category that cosplayers seem to be very passionate about. There is such a wide scope within the gaming genre which lays the field of costuming and outfits wide open, from horror games such as Silent Hill to the more whimsical platform style of The Legend of Zelda. There are characters for both men and women with cosplay requirements to really sink your teeth into. Gaming characters for the most part are not just about one pieces and a cape (which there is nothing wrong with, I personally love a bit of that and often don exactly that myself when I cosplay as Supergirl). Gaming outfits usually have a bit more going on such as armour, weapons, and various layers.


assassins creed

Assassins need their winter layers



Proof of why a one-piece and a cape is definitely a good idea…


I also love that with gaming cosplay there are a lot more opportunities for men to expand more on character and costume without being faced with a lot of the tired choices of superhero, which are great but it seems that quite often it is always the same characters cosplayed again and again. In my personal opinion, gaming characters are a smörgåsbord of possibility and have something for every type of man. If you want to get your sexy on and wear next to nothing, some Final Fantasy might be for you (there are plenty of characters that a man might sexy-up if he felt the urge to). If you want to get armour clad and cover up as much as possible, then Gears of War might be something you are into and if you want to go for the more rugged look and be the kind of ladies’ man who swoops in, solves mysteries and does a bit of treasure hunting, then maybe Uncharted is the one for you.


final fantasy cosplay


The same can be said for the women. It is not all about flashing as much flesh as you possibly can, though if you fancy doing that then some Soul Calibur might be a good game to sample. Mass Effect is great for women in terms of looking seriously badass in some of the best armour suit designs I have ever seen and if you want to be a treasure hunting hunny, who is sexy, tough and could beat any man to a pulp then why not try your hand as everyone’s favourite treasure hunter…the lovely Lara Croft?


soul calibur cosplay


Below are 10 very fine examples of gaming cosplay. Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below. 





Silent Hill


silent hill


Mortal Kombat


mortal kombat


Gears of War


gears of war


Mass Effect


mass effect


Assassins Creed


assassins creed





Elder Scrolls


elder scrolls






Legend of Zelda


Legend of Zelda


Okay I admit it…I’ve cheated technically there are 11 images as I just couldn’t resist this cosplay of Nathan Drake from Uncharted…


uncharted nathan drake cosplay

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  • A Parasitic Cyst

    I’ll be very honest with you……….
    I really really struggled to scroll passed Power Girl. Then when I was free of her bewitchment, I got to the Soul Caliber woman.
    In fact, I’m shocked I made it all the way down here to the comments section!
    Anyway, good article. I’m still amazed at the level of detail that goes into some of these. If I made one it would be made out of a black bin bag and bog roll tubes no matter what character it’s supposed to be!

    • susiemcbeth

      Haha… yes Power Girl and Soul Calibur Ivy really know how to set out the traps. Bu well done for making it to the comments section.

      I am glad you enjoyed the article. The details are seriously amazing and you know there is an awful lot of scope in costume making with materials such as bin bags and bog roll tunes…Also cardboard boxes and marker pen just look at this guys creation…http://www.badhaven.com/special-features/dc-vs-marvel-cosplay-fight/attachment/olympus-digital-camera-13/

      Challenge: if you can top that post the pic on the Bad Haven Facebook page ;)

      Thanks lots for commenting.

  • grey

    Excellent, I have to admit I love the Sub Zero one, the dismembered spine being the clincher lol. Quality stuff!!

  • susiemcbeth

    haha Tony, that is not weird at all. I totally agree with you. I’d quite like to see a female steampunk version of Fallout. I think it would be pretty interesting and very hot.

    I liked the Elder Scrolls too, but my fav is prob the Mass Effect though I am also pretty crazy about the Silent Hill nurse as it is super scary!

    Thanks loads for commenting :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.friery Tony Friery

    Elder Scrolls is a winner for me! I also like the idea of Fallout – resplendent with steampunk-esque accessories and Dystopian lure. Yeah ok, I guess I’m a little weird like that ;)