Christian Bale Phones 8 Year Old Leukemia Sufferer To Talk BATMAN. What A Great Guy!

Posted on: January 24th, 2013

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As much as Christian Bale has ever gotten flack for flipping out on movie sets, one of the lesser known facts about him is that he’s just a genuinely good guy, and a lot of his bad press has failed to take this into consideration. He’s visited ill children, flown one to Disneyland, met with victims of the Aurora shooting and most recently he made a lengthy phone call to an 8-year-old leukemia sufferer Zach Guillot, to chat with the boy about Zach’s favorite superhero, Batman.

Bale didn’t publicize the event, the same way he didn’t let the press in on any of the others either. This isn’t something he makes a big thing of, and here he’s just made a call to a sick young boy for a chat about his favorite comic character. The only reason we know Bale called Zach is because Zach’s family filmed it and put it on YouTube.

Personally I was pretty gob smacked and delighted. Christian Bale really is a brilliant guy.

Below is the vid where Christian Bale phones 8 Year old leukemia sufferer Zach, taken by his family.

Warning, bring tissues. It gets emotional:

Source: i09, Geekologie

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