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Bad Hollywood
Posted on: April 13th, 2012

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Hoo-ray for Hollywood! What would we do without it?

Watch intellectually and emotionally satisfying, low budget, independent cinema, made by talented artists whose only motive is to tell a good story?


Maybe not, then. Oh well, on with the show…


 Miller and Rodriguez begin production on Sin City 2

If you thought crazy ol’ Frank Miller was finished as a serious artist, you were wrong. Frank the Wank is being released from the Nut-House to help Robert Rodriguez produce the sequel to 2005′s Sin City, which is based on Miller’s own A Dame to Die For.

The nurses have insisted Frank be back by 9pm for his medication

It’s been a long time since the first installment and Frank has gone off the rails a bit since then. The question is, can he find the time to make the movie between shouting at pot plants and masturbating into his own faeces? Only time will tell.

Sharlto Copley in talks for Spike Lee’s Old Boy

There’s a recurring theme in this week’s Bad Hollywood – remakes. You all know how much we love remakes at Bad Haven. South African actor, Sharlto Copley is being lined up to play the lead in Spike Lee’s remake of the Korean classic, Old Boy.

He doesn't look very Korean to me

While fans of the original are still incredulous that the film is being made , never mind being directed by Spike Lee, Copley has proven himself to be a capable actor in the last few years and it’s an intriguing choice. I’m not going to tell you this changes anything, but it’s a better choice than most.


Sabrina the teenage Witch set for origin story

Deadline has reported that the Archie Comics property, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, is to be turned into an origin story movie, a la so many superhero flicks. Apparently, the movie “will be an origin story in the vein of Spider-Man, about a young girl coming to terms with her remarkable powers.”

Melissa-Joan Hart has really let herself go

Presumably, this’ll be marketed at tweeners so theres no reason why I should go see it (I hope Salem’s in it, Squeeeeeeeeee!).


Johnny 5 goes Bad-Ass for Short Circuit remake

Yet more remake news this week, as it was announced by director, Tim Hill, that his version of the loveable Johnny 5 will be a bit more menacing than his original analogue.You’ve got to find the balance between something fierce and something endearing. The original was cute. But no one was threatened by it.”

'You talkin' to me?'

If you wanna see Johnny 5 go on a murderous rampage, gimme a ‘Hell Yeah!’.

Trailer of the Week – Looper

I’m not sure about the prosthetic chin. It looks like an ass. But everything else seems like fun! Judge for yourself.


And Finally…

After an ‘on again, off again’ sort of week, Hunger Games director, Gary Ross, has announced that he won’t be returning to direct Catching Fire. Disappointing for fans of The Hunger Games, surely, but that’s not the best part.


In a bid to recreate the success that Alfonso Cuaron had when he took over the Harry Potter helm from Chris Columbus, Lionsgate has created a shortlist of maverick directors to take over from Ross. The list includes Cuaron (full marks for imagination, Lionsgate), Alejandro Gonzalez Innarittu and (drum-roll please) DAVID CRONENBERG!!!! I know who I’d choose!

That’s it folks, Happy Friday from everyone here at Bad Haven!

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